February 3, 2017

Ty loves sissy fag phone sex pt 2

Here’s the rest of the email my sissification phone sex lover Ty sent me. Check for part one here Then, at the ceremony, I would be taken to the altar, and have to say my vows, that I was a sissy, and that mark was a real man, that I would always call him DADDY or Master, that I would promise to obey him always, clean and cook and bathe him, and that he could do anything with me.  I would have to go to the bondage store and buy a necklace that said WIFE or sissy or cocklover.  At the ceremony, after I said my vows, mark would pull up my dress, and take me over his knee and spank me hard so that i would cry  in front of everyone. Then I would have to kiss his shoes. He would take out his cock and slap my face. I would have to kiss his cock, while everyone called me faggot.  After all that, Mark would make me publish a story in the newspaper describing the wedding, so everyone would know.  he would keep me in pink diapers or dresses at home, and take me out in a baby carriage or on a leash. So there you have it folks. Is Ty not the biggest sissy faggot you’ve ever seen? Ava 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a phone sex mommy! #daddylover #sissyfag #humiliation
October 7, 2015

Sissy Pegging Phone Sex

If you have any lube I suggest you use it now! I want you to bend over for me and spread em. It’s about time for some strap-on phone sex! Being a closet fag such as yourself, you don’t have many options as far as sissification training, so I’ve decided to take a step and be your guide. My strap on is going to open up that little ass of yours so that it’ll be taking all sizes of cock in no time! I’ll use my big black strap on you every night to pound that little hole of yours. You’re going to become my pegging bitch while I teach you how to take cock. And when I think you’ve earned it, i’ll start bringing in real cocks for you to please. With some pegging phone sex you will soon be the biggest cock whore around. All of those holes of yours will be filled. As they should be. So do you think you have what it takes to be my sissy student? Can you get through my training? Well there’s only one way to find out isn’t there. Candy 888 430-2010
October 1, 2015

Training My Sissy

I’ve got something special planned for you tonight, so why don’t you start by coming over here and sitting on the bed? I’m going to make you feel like such a pretty girl tonight, and you’re going to love me being your Mistress. It’s time to start the feminization process of your Sissy training; and I want to begin with getting you into these cute little panties and matching bra! So pull off your clothes.. and hurry up, or you’re going to get a hard spanking. Once you’re completely naked, I’m going to push you back and slide these panties onto you, and then the bra, both frilly and pink. I’ll slide some cute stocking up onto your legs, slowly pulling them all of the way up, then I’ll put you into a pair of hot pink high heels. After you’ve gotten used to walking in those tall stilettos, it will be time to put you in a short pink dress that ties behind your neck… Looking beautiful already, now it’s time for the fun stuff… xoxo Brittney 888-430-2010 
September 11, 2015

Teacher Takes Control

It was a normal day for me; I was in my classroom and working on the last of my paperwork when one of my students knocked on the door. I waved him in and couldn’t help but laugh when he entered the room wearing a frilly pink dress. He slowly walked up to me and started fumbling through some excuse about how he had lost a bet but I knew better.. He was a sissy, and no doubt, he was sent here for the humiliation he would endure walking through the halls. I stood up and walked over to him, lifting up his head so I can see his face, then giggling when I notice the bright pink lipstick and red blush on his cheeks. I lifted up the back of his dressed and couldn’t help but smile when I saw a thick, pink diaper on him.. This was going to be fun. I took him by the hand and sat him down in one of the empty desks, then I handed him a pop quiz I had written up the day before. Let’s hope he passes, or life is going to get a lot harder for this little sissy bitch. Brittney 888-430-2010
September 6, 2015

Mommy’s Dirty Panties

Well what do we have here? I was just about to finish putting your laundry away like the caring mother I am. But then I got to your underwear drawer and I was in for a surprise. I moved some of your briefs to the side to make more room when the back of my hand brushed up against something silky. I closed my fingers around the fabric and low and behold there are my pink panties I wore last night. I’m certain this isn’t a mistake because I put those panties in my dirty hamper last night before taking a shower. Why would you have mommy’s panties in your drawer? Dirty ones at that! Do you like to sniff your mothers dirty panties? Or maybe you even like to wear them. What a poor excuse for a teenage son you are. Well you’re going to be in for a shock next time you open up that drawer young man. If you like wearing panties so much then I shouldn’t have to keep wasting money on those expensive boxers of yours. Adult baby Mommy is going to get rid of them all and fill that drawer with all sorts of frilly silky and even lacey panties that you love so much. That’s what you get for stealing my panties.
September 4, 2015

“Let’s go to the Mall”

  “Lets go to the mall”  Five words you dread hearing.  You know what this entails.  Mommy Susan dressing you up in one of her favorite sissy dresses with a matching bow and panties.  You don’t like going, you know people will stare at you and laugh.  Mommy Susan laughs with them, she lets them take pictures.  She even pulls out your tiny cock to show everyone.  Look at my little ABDL.  Look how tiny his sissy cock is.   Then it gets worse.  Mommy Susan takes you into a fancy dress store to buy you yet another frilly girly sissy dress. There will be a matching bow and panties.  She will undress you in front of everyone letting your sissy cock hang out for everyone to see.  Everyone will laugh. You will leave the mall feeling tiny and worthless, like the sissy boy you are. At least you will have a new sissy dress to admire yourself in, and Mommy Susan will be so Happy with her little sissy bitch. Call Mommy Susan, I need to go shopping. 1-888-430-2010
August 24, 2015

Don’t Tell Mommy

You have been such a good little sissy, that I’ve decided it’s time for a surprise. Your mommy and daddy are going to be gone for a while, so your wonderful ABDL babysitter went out and picked up a special outfit that I want you to wear tonight! After I strip you naked, I’m going to put a cute little diaper on you and help you into your new, tiny, lacy maid dress. I’ll help you slip into your new white stockings, slowly pulling them up on each leg, before I put you in your new black heels. After getting you dressed, I’ll let you pick out your favorite wig and make up; after all, you want to look your best for our company! When I finish with your makeup, I’ll take you by the hand and lead you downstairs for your big moment and you better make sure you behave! I’ve got a whole closet full of new toys to punish you with: paddles and whips, gags and riding crops, it’s going to be a fun night.. and your big surprise? I invited my boyfriend over, just for you! And looking at the bulge in his pants… I’d say he’s happy to see you. Have fun, you little slut, and remember… Don’t tell mommy! ~ Babysitter Brittney 888-430-2010
August 22, 2015

Cuckold Sissy Hubby

I bet you think your dick is great… well its NOT! It’s a tiny, little pee pee, and you are a pathetic little cuckold bitch! I’ve eaten fries BIGGER than your puny little pecker. And I KNOW you touch it a lot. There you are diddling your dick in the corner, how PATHETIC!!! But what I can’t understand is how you find the fucking thing! What do you use for a jock strap? A thimble and some thread? Oh wait… you have to be a jock to use a jock strap. You can’t even hold a cup! Your dick is soooo small; I can’t even use it as a toothpick!!! I have to go and find a REAL man to satisfy my appetite. You know, someone whose dick is bigger than a hummingbird? A real man who knows what to do with his cock. Someone who won’t be a waste of my time. Someone who WON’T dribble out his cum. Someone who can keep it HARD for more than 2 minutes. Someone I don’t have to PITY fuck or FAKE my orgasms for. You need lessons to even think about fucking ME! The only thing your good for is fluffing my lovers, and being a good little sissy fag!
August 15, 2015

Turning Tough Boys Into Sissy Girls

Mmmm most of the time I’m just a loving, caring and sweet mommy, but sometimes I love to torture little boys. I mock them and tease them and turn them into little girls. The more girly the better. I buy my sissy babies little girl diapers with princesses on them. I dress them up in frilly bloomers and lacy dresses. Nothing is cuter than the boys I turn into pretty little girls. Cute pink shoes and your dark hair brushed so pretty. I lead them around the neighborhood and introduce them to all my friends. They are often so shy and hide behind me, but I laugh and force them out front. I love to show off my little sissy girls. When they begin to whine I pop a pacifier in their mouth and continue down the sidewalk. We have many more people to show my creation to. This mommy is just so very proud. If you’d like to play with me please give me a call. I’d love to give you a make over and turn you into my little girl.                                          888-938-7382