June 26, 2011

Adult Bed Wetter

I have had enough Jeremy; my boyfriend wet the bed again this morning. He makes up these lame excuses that he spilt his water or didn’t dry off well after his shower. OMG these excuses are getting old. I am not going to pretend any longer aiding him in this shard! Nope, not a day longer. “Oh, Jeremy hun, I need you to shop with me today, I want you to help me pick out your Birthday gift.” I knew this was the only way to get him to come out with me hehehe I chuckle to myself, pull up in the Target parking lot I know that the isle we will be visiting is the Diaper one! 1 888 430 2010 Mommy Lauren’s Specialties: Pampering – ABDL – Forced into Diapers – Nursing Adult Babies – Coddling
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