April 13, 2013

Messy Cali

  Going tinkle in a diaper is fun… but going poopy in a diaper is MORE fun!! There’s just something about a soft cushy diaper that makes me want to fill it with a load of big stinky poopys! I like to hold for a loooong time, until I can feel myself all full of poopys. I turn over on my tummy on my bed and tuck my knees up under me so my bottom is lifted. I can feel my poopy trying to get it, but I make it go reeeaaal slow so I can feel the whole thing come out. I feel it start to push against my diaper and squish against my bottom. Mmmm so squishy and gushy! Once its all out of my bottom, I crawl down on to the floor and sit up so I can wiggle all over on my poopy bottom! Oooh its so hot and steamy in my diaper and I can feel it getting allllll over! Even between my wittle lips hehehe!! Daddy always knows that I’ve been playing in my poopy diaper when he puts my up on the changing table and opens my diaper to find poopy EVERYWHERE!! Hehehe Daddy says I’m his stinky wittle ABy! Kissies, Cali 1.888.430.2010
March 24, 2013

Easter Dress!

Guess what, guess what, guess what!!!! Did ya guess?!? I got my pretty new Easter Dress!! Getting pretty new dresses is always one of my very favorite parts of holidays since I love shopping so much!! And Daddy said that since I was a good girl for most of the time that my special Uncle came to visit, I could pick any dress that I wanted. I picked the prettiest light purple dress ‘cause purples my favoritest color AND it’s a pretty Easter color!! It has a swooshy full skirt and when I spin around real fast it flies up and you can see underneath!! Daddy said not to do that though hehe. Anyways, it has puffy sleeves and it came with a matching purple ruffle panty. I’m gonna wear it with some brand new silver mary jane shoes that Daddy got me too!! What’s everyone else wearing for Easter? I want to know about all the pretty dresses my sissy friends are gonna wear! Oooh or maybe you need to borrow a dress! You can come look through my closet for the perfect Easter dress for you!! I love sharing with my sissy friends. Plus, I can show you MY pretty new dress! Love, Lacy 1.888.430.2010
October 15, 2012

Tinkle Play

Sometimes when I like to open my diaper when daddy isn’t around and go tinkle in it so I can watch. I have to be really sneaky though, because it always ends up being a big mess and daddy gets mad. The way I do it is I hold my tinkle for as long as I can… which can be really tricky! Hehehe. But then when daddy puts me in a new diaper before nap time, I have a nice long time to spend playing with my diaper. Once daddy walks out, I prop myself up on my elbows and I pull the tabs on my diaper to open it up. Everything’s still fresh and dry, and I feel how full of tinkle I am. I start to let it drip out slow, so I can feel it running down my lips and pooling in my diaper. I watch as I tinkle in my diaper in little droplets, and sometimes big long streams, till alllll my tinkle is out. This is where it gets messy. I love to squish my diaper and make the tinkle all come out so it can soak back in…. but usually that’s when it gets all over the bed. I like to pull the front of my diaper up against me and squish it between my lips and let it drip all over me! But then of course it really gets messy. But that’s why nap time is the best time to do it… cause then when daddy comes back to check on my after my nap, I can tell him I just did it while I was sleeping, and I didn’t mean to open my diaper! love, Lacy 1.888.430.2010
May 26, 2012

ABDL Diaper Change Phone Sex

Which ABDL Girl needs a Diaper Change? I DO!  Let’s face it, it’s no fun to change your diaper all by your lonesome all the time is it? Sometimes I even call one of the Fetish Mommies here to do it for me.  They laugh when I do and say things like, “Oh Cali!” lol I can’t help it, now I know they can’t do it for me in real life, but just having a soothing voice over the phone leading me through one, or them giving me directions and going into detail of how the wipes feel, and how the powder smells is nice. I don’t mind spending the money to do it either. And NO I do not get a discount because I work with them *pout*.   But once in awhile, I need someone else to do it.  A loving Daddy to call me and take care of me. I am after all just a lil ABDL baby girl, and I need guidance! Darn it!  Nothing takes the place of a Daddy’s hands on my tiny hiney as he cleans me up, then powers me, and puts a fresh from the dryer cloth diaper on, and then my pretty frilly panties over top!   If you would like to give me a Diaper Change, then please call me. It’s really warm out today, and I have been sorta naughty in my diapie, and I definitely need a change. *giggle* Your #1 Diaper Girl, Cali Smoohies! 888.420.2010  
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