September 22, 2019

Naughty, Messy Sissy!

  Diaper sissy Amanda was crying harder than she ever had before; fat, round tears streaming down her face as she fussed in her diapers. “Mommmm-yyy pwease change meee!” She whined and whimpered between body wracking sobs, her sissy diapers stretched to gargantuan proportions behind her. “Aww, what’s the matter, baby wetsy pants?” Her hypnosis mommy mistress mocked her, tugging at the back of the over filled diaper stack. “Don’t you remember your sissy rules, princess?” The pathetic sissy baby struggled to choke back her tears long enough to gulp out a halting “y-yyess” Mommy laughed- “And what do your rules say?” Crying fit or no, Amanda’s sissy hypnosis training was thorough as deep enough to have the sissy rules Mommy taught her flooding through her head and in moments she was reciting them as if in a trance. “Sissy babies only get changed when Mommy says so… sissy must always obey Mommy… sissy must obey all women…” Mommy nodded her approval as her helpless submissive continued her recitation. XOXO Mommy Jackie 888-430-2010 Click HERE to talk to a phone sex mommy #diaperdomination #bdsm #mommydomme
September 14, 2018

Playing With Silly Sissy Judith

I really love when I get to play with my abdl Mommy’s sissy. Her name is Sissy Judith, and she’s even more girly than I am! She comes over, Mommy immediately strips her right there in the living room to dress her in short frilly dresses with stockings, and it doesn’t matter if it just me or if some of Mommy’s friends are over to watch and giggle. Then Sissy Judith has to lay down and hold her dress in her hands so it won’t get in the way of Mommy putting her in a super thick diaper! She fusses and cries, says she doesn’t like being treated that way but we all just laugh because the way her tiny sissy clittie gets hard lets us know just what a big old fib that is! If you are jealous of silly Sissy Judith, you have to call me for some sissy fetish phonesex and tell me! Barbie 1-888-430-2010 Click Here to talk with a phone sex Mommy! #sissyfetish #sissyphonesex #diaperedsissy
October 31, 2011

sissy sluts and sissy princess

Have you ever thought about being shown off as a sissy to many many ladies? I’ve though about how much fun it would be to have a big sissy show. Maybe even a sissy pageant. The thing about it is a lot of the sissies I know are plain slutty and they would do anything to be crowned as the sissy winner. I can think of several sissy sluts who would bribe the femdom judges with favors just to get that crown. There are some scandalous sluts out there and you know who you are. What would you do to who to get crowned as THE sissy princess? Would you take a strapon in front of the judges? Would engage in sissy on sissy oral? Think about it though. Wouldn’t it be fun to have your Mistress or your Dommy Mommy dress you up in gorgeous clothes and makeup to be seen by all of the other sissies and females there? Picture what you might wear to such a sissy show. Would you be in a long formal gown with heels and pantyhose? Would your Mommy dress you as a little sissy baby girl in diapers and a ruffled dress? Let your imagination run wild and think of all of the cute things and sexy outfits a Mistress might dress her sissy up in for all to see. What would the crown look like? Would there be a talent contest for the sissies to sing,dance, do comedy or something else? Mommy Scarlet
October 10, 2009

Girl Lessons

One of the first “girl lessons” that mommy likes to give her sissy is how to shave properly. The assigment I recently gave included cherry blossom shaving gel and a pink razor. I directed my sissy as she soaked in a nice hot bath, smelling of lavender, how to shave her legs. it was her first time and I could hear the excitement in her voice as she got out and dried off. I then instructed her to use lotion and to slip into a pair of pantyhose. There is nothing like the feeling of newly shaved legs in silk stockings. Mommy Josie
October 1, 2009

Sweet As Pie

Many many sissy babies call me. And I have to say that I love and adore each and every one. I spend so much time with lovely sissies that sometimes they are all I speak to on any given day. Which is 100% fine with me. I love to play dress up, and have tea parties, and take them to the salon with Mommy to get their hair done and nails. They are sweet as pie 🙂 . I’m southern and I know pie! lol Liz 1-888-430-2010
July 16, 2009

Pick out a slip!

Mommy Lauren has so many beautiful slips for you to pick from my sissy baby. I know you just adore to play dress up in my pretty girly clothes it’s o.k. Mommy doesn’t care. How pretty my sissy will look in my slip and Mommy Lauren will help you change it when your ready and get you all pretty in different colors. Yay! I’m excited to play so go ahead sissy call me so we can 🙂 muah, Lauren
June 18, 2009

Let’s play with Play Dough!

Hi sweetie Mommy Laurenis ready for you to come on over and make some fun stuff with my play dough! hehe Lookie just lookie what I made for my ABIEI bet you can make some really neat stuff too! Let’s Play Today ok? Muah..Hugs & kisses, Lauren
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