January 20, 2013

Mommy's Milk

While I would say that good firm spanking is always a good answer to most problems, so is a full tummy. That’s why I like to follow most spankings with a nice tummy full of mommy’s milk. It’s the best way to get a crying ABy to settle down! Once an ABy’s bottom is thoroughly reddened I sit on my big rocking chair and pull my ABy up on my lap. I get comfortable, undoing my nursing bra and push my nipple into my crying ABy’s mouth. And that’s all it takes! As soon as an ABy gets a taste of mommy’s sweet milk, they hush up and calm down instantly. I rub ABy’s burning bottom while he fills his tummy until he drifts on off to sleep. So if you misbehave yourself with Mommy, you can bet that you’ll get a bright red bottom, but afterwards Mommy will hush you up with a tummy full of mommy’s milk. Mommy Liz 1.888.430.2010
July 23, 2009

Time to nurse Abie

Mommy Lauren has so much milk right now i’m leaking all over the front of my dress. Come a lil closer sweet Abie get on my lap and let me feed you. Awwww what a sweet darling you are Mommy Lauren luvs to hold you close and let you nurse. Hurry Abie i’m waiting… ~~~Muah Muah~~~~ Lauren
May 21, 2009

The Bubble Game

So, Mommy Lauren was shopping yesterday and just happened to stumble upon an entire isle of bubbles & various wands. I was thinking wouldn’t be fun to play bubble games? Cum on over we will get you all fixed up in your diapey and have some real fun today. Wanna see who can blow the biggest bubble without it popping? If you win Mommy will give you a big suprise hehe! Huggies & Kissies, Mommy Lauren
April 30, 2009

Diaper Dreams

Mommy Lauren was talking to one of her most special abies on the phone and he told me about a very happy dream that he had. My abie had a special dream that Mommy Lauren brought home a most wonderful surprise a beautiful basket full of assorted diapers. Disposable and cloth of every single color and style. As my abie looked through the basket with much delight he also found plastic panties in all colors some with ruffles some plain and matching bonnets and bibs. We spent the entire afternoon trying on all the new and wonderful abie things and at the end of the day Mommy Lauren nursed her abie to sleep so he could have more special diaper dreams. Call Mommy Lauren now for your special surprise .. oh the fun we will have!
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