July 27, 2015

Either your a sissy or your not

It’s time for Sabrina’s little sissy to come out of the closet full time.  You tell me that you like being a adult baby and that you want to be dressed in little pink sissy bitch dresses.  But, when you go to work you don’t want anyone to know that your a sissy cuckold at heart.  Are you embarrassed to let your friends and family see you for the submissive you are?  I thought you liked the humiliation of letting people see you dressed as Sabrina’s sissy slave.  I thought you liked being dominated and told what to do.  Are you that worried about what people think of you ?  Sabrina doesn’t want a part time sissy, I want you to be the full time sissy that I know in your heart you want to be.  Stop hiding behind those suits you wear and dress in the pink dress that makes you feel free.  Being your domme is fun but, it breaks my heart to think that you only do it for me and not for yourself.  Being a full time sissy is way more fun than only doing it when no one is around.  Sabrina wants you to like being the sissy you really are deep down. Sabrina 1*888*430*2010
October 25, 2012

Wimpy Sissy

Wimpy sissy loves the time he gets to spend with me because i make sure he is very humiliated at each and every turn he makes in his pitiful life.When he shows up for his sessions with me he has to be dressed like the sissy he longs to be.But one thing he is required to do and that is to walk to my place in the bright of day so everyone can see him dressed this way also he is to wear a  on his back and front of his dress stating that he is a wimpy sissy and only gets to dress this way when he comes to see his Mistress. When he gets here he has to tell me all of the people he sees along the way and what they say and do he normally has tears running down his face because of the humiliation he receives as a result of this walk.His face is also so red it is also funny because there is a to him also like opening a nice big Christmas gift he loves every minute of it his stocking are soaken wet because he peed on himself  from the excitement of doing this for several blocks. Victoria 1.888.430.2010
December 5, 2009

Good Baby

This has got to be the cutest named diaper cream ever! But it’s only for good babies apparently. It makes me wonder if there is a Bad Baby Diaper Smear, Cranky Baby Diaper Salve, Whiny Baby Butt Balm. Perhaps not, but I smile to think about it. This also reminded me of all the good babies that call me. There aren’t that many lol. For some reason I get a lot of the bad ones. Maybe it’s just me, I’m like a bad baby magnet. But let me tell you, when I get good boys that call I adore it. The good boys make me happy and they make me smile and fill my heart with joy. Stacie 1.888.430.2010
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