May 16, 2015

Pegging Slut

I love strapping on my huge strap on and using your sissy mouth to lubricate it and get it ready to peg your little sissy pussy.  I love to lay you on your back and shove your dress around your waist and spread your dirty legs apart.    I know you want me to tickle your pink  sissypussy with the tip of my cock, while you lay back and moan. Such a good little pegging slut Candy 888*430*2010
June 13, 2012

The Right Pacifier for the Right ABie

Sometimes it’s an odd thing – trying to find just the right pacifier.  Some are too small; some are too big; some just don’t seem to sit quite right in the mouth.  The goal is it to find one that both comforts and feels nature when seated in the mouth.     To that endeavor, lets examine a few things, shall we?  Do your thoughts always seem to go back to a time when you are nursing? Are you transfixed on the bosoms of women and mommies, wanting to nestle between those two voluptuous mounds of yumminess? Then perhaps pacifier number 1 is the one for you.     Or maybe what induces comfort for you is the strong embrace of a Daddy; knowing instantly that he is the one in control, that he, and not you, is the embodiment of masculinity.  One look from him invokes the need to please him; to serve him; to taste him.  For you, my dear, I think pacifier number 2 would be more appropriate.     As you can see, it can be quite enlightening when you match you the right pacifier to the right ABie.       Mommy Maggie 1.888.430.2010
August 7, 2011

sissy boy hypnotized to suck men for Mommy

You’re getting used to being dressed as an overly girly girl. What you haven’t quite adapted to yet are these urges you seem to be getting. I have my male friends over and you feel a tingling in your panties as you wonder what they would look like standing over you with their cocks in your face. Each night as you drift off to sleep Mommy has been playing her special CD to help you understand and accept what she wants from you. What I want is to make you a sissy who sucks cock. All of the softly spoken well hidden messages in your music is about you making Mommy pleased by sucking in front of her. Mommy Scarlet
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