October 10, 2012

yay! for diapered bottoms

Yay! for diapered bottoms I love the way it sounds when thoes bottoms are crinkling across the room & jumping into my arms for some mommy cuddle timeoh you feel so warm and fuzzy when your cuddled up with me in that big comfy blankie we wrap around each other to watch all thoes cool disney movies together on a Sunday morning. That diapered bottom is looking a bit heavy to me do you need me to lay you out the changing table and clean your messy all up and make it better? I love it when you look up at me with them big blue eyes while I got your little ankles in the air wiping your bum with ab wipes. A fresh new comfy diaper with powder inside will make you feel like a little superhero. I hold my sweet little one close and with a baba you fall asleep lulled night-night by me singing. Yay! for cute diapered bottoms. Kisses Miss Crissy 1*888*430*2010
April 3, 2011

Rubber Pants

Mommy has decided to changed you back into cloth diapers with a new pair of rubber pants to keep you in. I know you will love the feel of them and the comfort they bring. This will keep you from leaking and making such a mess all over. I know they are a little snug and you *gasp* at the color Mommy picked for you, but dont you worry because Mommy will find the cutest sissy dress to match! Mommy Lauren 1 888 430 2010
October 2, 2009

New Panties

Check out the new panties I got. Are they not the best panties ever!! Now I usually do disposables but on occasion I like to play in cloth. And who could pass these up? I know a certain lil sissy who will be very happy to see these also. If she is a very good girl, maybe mommy will give them to her. Mommy Josie
July 23, 2009

Time to nurse Abie

Mommy Lauren has so much milk right now i’m leaking all over the front of my dress. Come a lil closer sweet Abie get on my lap and let me feed you. Awwww what a sweet darling you are Mommy Lauren luvs to hold you close and let you nurse. Hurry Abie i’m waiting… ~~~Muah Muah~~~~ Lauren
July 2, 2009

Let’s play dress up!

Oh my goodness Mommy Lauren has a great plan for today sissy! Why don’t you come on in to my bedroom and go ahead and walk into my big closet full of vintage dresses, purses, jewelry, shoes, peti coats, slips of all styles, hats and let’s play dress up! I even have special silky gloves we can wear all colors and lengths! How beautiful you will be when Mommy get’s finished with you. So, come on I know you wanna you little sissy girl you. Let’s see how pretty we can be. *giggles Muah darling, Lauren
June 25, 2009

Play in the flowers with Lauren~

Look sweetie Mommy Lauren is oh so excited to have you come over and play in this beautiful field of flowers. Isn’t it just perfect for a lovely little afternoon picnic and perhaps a game of hide and go seek? Hehe Lauren can’t wait to see your sweet little face pop up in between the flowers and i’m gonna give you a great big hug and kisses all over! you sweetie you…come on let’s spend the day together soon. Muah, Lauren
June 18, 2009

Let’s play with Play Dough!

Hi sweetie Mommy Laurenis ready for you to come on over and make some fun stuff with my play dough! hehe Lookie just lookie what I made for my ABIEI bet you can make some really neat stuff too! Let’s Play Today ok? Muah..Hugs & kisses, Lauren
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