March 2, 2013

Daycare Nurse

Being a nurse for adult babies and other special patients, it gives me the chance to do fun things that I otherwise wouldn’t get to do. Just the other day I had such a wonderful day visiting an adult baby daycare. You see, they needed someone to come in and give all the ABies a check-up to make sure that they were all in good health. So I went along to the ABy daycare with my nurse’s bag ready to examine each and everyone of those sweet little adult babies. They set me up in a little office with a small examining table and a tray to arrange all of my tools. Then one by one they sent in the ABies and I set them up on my table and examined them from head to toe. Each little one was different. Some were shy and nervous and others more outgoing and friendly. And of course there were a couple that were just downright naughty. Now, before I agreed to helping this ABy daycare, I made it very clear that if there was any misbehavior I would correct it without question. So when I came across a particularly naughty adult baby I knew exactly what needed to be done. He refused to sit still and kept kicking his legs as I was attempting to check his ABy bottom. Of course I did what was necessary – I strapped him down to the table and lifted his legs so I could spank his naughty bottom and teach him a lesson. Needless to say, he was much more behaved after that. Of course taking care of naughty adult babies is something I’m used to, and all in all in was a wonderful day of caring for sweet little ABies. Being a nurse for adult babies is so much fun; now make sure you schedule your checkup with Nurse Betty so we can have fun together. Nurse Betty 1.888.430.2010  
July 24, 2011

Medical Fetish

Mizz. Rebecca is doing exams on all you little ones and sissys. We need to begin the New Year right and first thing first, Line up and drop them pants. Then hop up onto my examination table. We will begin with a rectal exam moving next to the scrotum, Now lie back and stay very still, my assistant will be administering the IV and checking your blood pressure throughout the procedure. Oh you find my assistant cute do you, your little wee wee is sure taking notice. Well if Mizz. Rebecca has any energy left after the oral exam, I might let you play with her – he is quite the slut *laughs* Now the Rest of you Line Up and Shut up, You’ll each have your turn! Mizz Rebecca 1 888 430 2010
November 5, 2009

Wanna Play Doctor?

I use to love this game when I was young. I recall expanding on this play with two neighborhood boys. I know you would not think this of your Mommy Sara but………now hold on to your diapers, I was the instigator! Yes, it is true, I was very dominant and very young. I use to spend lots of time with them in my closet, in my tent, and before they would leave I would make them kiss me good bye! I would love to relive those days. Anyone want to play Doctor with me? Sara 1 888 430 2010
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