June 17, 2013

Getting Ready…

Getting ready for our special Father’s Day party took a lot of work, but it was all worth it in the end! I got to go shopping and I bought an entirely new outfit to wear for the party. Pretty lacy panties with a matching bra and a pretty little short dress to wear over my lingerie. Then I went and got some pretty high-heeled shoes to top the whole thing off! The day of the party I spent hours getting myself all ready to play. I had a nice long bath so I could shave my legs and my pussy, leaving my skin so soft and smooth. Once I was all clean and scrubbed I rubbed my favorite flowery smelling lotion over my body and dressed in my lingerie and dress. Then I made up my hair and face… sparkly eye shadow and long thick lashes with pretty pink lips. The whole time I was getting ready I was full of excitement thinking about how much fun the party would be. Daddy, Uncle Mike, and Grandpa never got the chance to play with me all together so I knew this was gonna be a real treat. When I was ready for the party I went down to the living room where I set up all the toys and tools we would need for the party. Just before they all came in, I added the extra touches. A bit in my mouth and a tail that plugged up my bottom. For Father’s Day I was gonna be everyone’s special pony! I couldn’t imagine how well it was gonna turn out… Love, Lacy 888-430-2010
May 27, 2013

Good Girl Bath Time

I was a good girl alllll week long, so I got to have a special treat! Daddy took me to the store and let me get bubble bath stuff!! There was all kinds of yummy smelling bubble bath bombs covered in all kinds of sparkly glitters!! Daddy said I was soooo good that I could pick as many as I wanted! I got sooo many! There was a goldish colored one that was covered in gold glitter, a pink and purple one that has a pretty rose in the middle of it, a white one with all different colors spotted on it… that one smelled like the ocean mmmmm!!! When I got home, Daddy filled the tub with warm water and put one of the pink and purple bombs in the water. It got all fizzy and made the water pretty pink!! I played in the tub till I was all pruney and soft hehehe! Afterwards Daddy rubbed my favorite lotion all over… and then we had special time hehehee!!! I guess being a good girl is fun sometimes… but this week I’m ready for more naughty fun! kissies, Cali 888-430-2010  
May 5, 2013

AdultBabi Bikini Season!

I can’t wait to go to the beach! Summer time is my most favoritest time ‘cause Daddy rents a house by the beach and we get to stay there alllll season long!! There’s lots of time to lay out in the warm sunshine, and build nice sand castles in the pretty white sand, and I love jumping in the water and splashing around! Before we go to the beach house, there’s lots of getting ready to do! We have to pack everything up and shop for stuff we might need. I always make sure to pack all my toys! Adult baby ones AND my naughty ones hehehe! We have lots of neighbors at the beach house who like to play with me! Every year I get to go shopping for new bathing suits too! This year Daddy sent me shopping with my tranny mommy. She got me two babi girl suits that’ll fit over my diaper, AND she got me two regular bikinis! She made me promise not to tell Daddy about them though, she said it would be a special surprise! Love, Lacy 1.888.430.2010
November 18, 2012

Public Spanking

I got in soooo much trouble this week! I was at the grocery store with daddy doing some shopping and I did a bad bad thing! Before we even got in the car daddy told me that I better behave myself or he was gonna have to punish me. He said that meant no begging for treats or throwing tantrums. When we got to the store I tried to be a good girl, I really did! But sometimes its just too hard! I got daddy to buy me ice cream and some cookies, and then we walked by the candy aisle and I really wanted some peanutbutter cups. Daddy said no way, he said I already had lots of candy from trick or treating and I didn’t need any more. So of course then I got all pouty and mad. I don’t care that I already had candy, I wanted peanutbutter cups! A little later we were still at the grocery store and I really had to tinkle. I told daddy, but he said that I needed to be a big girl and hold it until we were done. Boy, was I mad then! I couldn’t have peanutbutter cups AND he wanted me to hold my tinkle! He was getting some peas and carrots from the frozen vegetables section when I decided I just couldn’t hold it anymore. I took off my panties and I squatted down and tinkled right in the middle of the aisle! I don’t think I ever seen daddy that mad! He pulled me up by my arm and pulled up my dress and spanked my bare bottom right there in front of everyone! And it HURT! It wasn’t a nice fun spanking! My bottom was all bright red and sore when he was done, and that wasn’t it! Daddy yelled at me the whole way home and he wouldn’t let me have any of my Halloween candy for the rest of the day. Don’t worry though, I was a good girl (mostly) for the rest of the week, and daddy can never stay mad at me for too long, even when I get in trouble, hehehe. kissies, Cali 1.888.430.2010
October 1, 2012

Little Devil Cali

If you ask any of the mommies around here, they’ll be quick to tell ya, I can sometimes, I mean like just every once in a while, get myself into a teeny tiny bit of trouble. What can I say… I may be 19 but sometimes I just can’t help but act like a little brat! Here’s what usually happens… I see something I want. It could be anything, a cookie, a new doll, or maybe a new daddy or ABy guy I get a crush on and wanna play with; whatever it is, once I want it that’s it, I have to have it!! I’ll do whatever I have to do to get it, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll throw the biggest, loudest temper tantrum I can manage! Just the other day one of my daddies took me with him while he did some shopping. Before we went into the store he told me that I couldn’t get any new toys because I already had so many and that I had to learn that I can’t always get what I want. Can you believe that ?!!?! So I was already feeling pouty, dragging my feet and whining. And then we walked by the Barbie aisle. WHY would he do that?! As soon as I saw I ran over and picked up the prettiest Barbie with long pretty brown hair like mine and a pretty ballerina tutu on. “Please please please can I get it Daddy pleeeaaassseee???” I begged, whining loud and pulling on Daddy’s sleeve. “Please Daddy, PLEASE??” Daddy crossed his arms and looked down at me, “Now baby, I told you, today we aren’t buying any toys.” I pouted and pulled harder on him “But Daddy, look how pretty she is!” He took the Barbie and put it back on the shelf, “Cali, I said no.” Well that did it, I threw myself down on the floor and started crying and whining as loud as I could! I laid down and kicked my legs, screaming at the top of my lungs “BUT I WAAAAANNT IT!!!!!” Now here’s the thing… I would never do this with a mommy. A mommy would have just dragged me out of the store, end of story. But with daddies its easier… at least for me! So anyway, I’m kicking and screaming on the floor and people are starting to come see what the fuss is, so Daddy crouches down next to me and tries to get me to stop. He talks softly and pulls me into his arms when he sees my big crocodile tears. As soon as I’m in Daddy’s arms I start to cry more quietly, sniffling, “I’m sorry Daddy,” I whimper, knowing that I have him right where I want him! “I d didn’t mean to be bad, Daddy… the dolly is just so pretty.” I say softly, pouting out my lips and giving Daddy puppy dog eyes. “Ok honey, ok, we’ll get the dolly this time.” HA! See, easy peasy. I know I can be a little difficult sometimes, but what can I say? What’s so bad about a little teeny tiny bit of trouble? kisses, Cali 1.888.430.2010
August 26, 2012

Bath Time

I know some ABies don’t like bath time. They kick and cry and try to fight to stay out of the bath tub. But not me! I love my bath time because Daddy makes it so much fun! He knows that I like to play with my ducky and splash around. When its time for a bath, Daddy takes me into my room and he gets me out of my clothes and dumps my old diaper in the basket. Daddy picks me up and I wrap my legs around him so he can carry me to the bathroom, his hands caressing my bare bottom. In the bathroom, Daddy already has the bath tub all full of nice hot water and he puts in my favorite bubble bath that smells like sweet flowers. He gently sets me down inside the tub and hands me my ducky. While I make duck swim and splash around, Daddy massages shampoo onto my hair. He uses a cup to rinse it out gently, making sure he doesn’t pull my hair, or get any soap in my eyes. Then with a wash cloth, Daddy scrubs my body all over making me nice and clean. He is extra gentle and careful when he cleans between my legs, using just his fingers to massage the soap between my little lips. That’s my very favorite part of bath time, when Daddy cleans me there! After one more rinse all over, Daddy scoops me out of the tub into a warm fluffy towel. He dries me off and lays me down and rubs lotion allll over. That might be my second favorite part! I love when Daddy’s hands are all over me and touching so soft. It makes me feel so special! And when my skin is nice and fresh after a bath Daddy gives me kisses all over! He really likes to kiss between my legs after a bath… I like it too!! Wanna play with me during bath time? Lacy 1.888.430.2010
May 23, 2011

Forever ABDL

Its hard to imagine that someday I’m going to be old but I’ll always be 2 yrs old even when I’m 90 lol. I just can’t imagine ever not wearing diapers. I would be lost without them. I know most people cant relate to my abdl side and as a diaper girl its so hard to meet a guy who wants to live in this lifestyle with me and change my diapers and treat me like the little baby I feel like on the inside. I need a Daddy to take care of me 🙁 Call me Baby Betsy 888-430-2010
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