January 11, 2016

Bad Babies

Well I have sure had my share of naughty babies. You know the one’s that throw big temper tantrum fits maybe throwing themselves on the floor or yelling and crying to try to get their way. Or some bad little ones will throw their toys at things and intentionally break them out of anger with those little fits of rage. I am here to tell you that this mommy does not like it at all and will not stand for it. No temper tantrums allowed in this mommies presents, no sir, I will pull those pants down and put you across my knees bare bottom up and spank you good. You will have a sore bottom for sure when I am through with you.  Don’t try to run away from me either because I promise I will catch you and when I do you better not cry because you will get what you deserve for that naughtiness. If you have been a bad baby and need a spanking you call mommy Tawny and I will give you a good one. Tawny 888-938-7382
December 6, 2015

Mommy Barbie’s Naughty Sissy

My sissy was so naughty the other day. I was changing her diaper and putting on a nice little dress and she just wouldn’t stop squirming. I know she was anxious because I was taking her to the park for the first time in her sissy dress, but that’s no excuse for being so rude while I was trying to make her pretty! I told her to relax the first time, the second time I told her that she really needed to calm down, and the third time I told her that if she didn’t settle down I would be forced to punish her. After that I brought my naughty sissy over to the couch in my apartment and told her to bend over my knee because she was getting a good spanking for not listening to Mommy. Finally, she bent over and I pulled up her dress, pulled down her diaper, and gave her three hard slaps on her little bum. That should make her listen to mommy much better from now on –Barbie <3 888-430-2010
August 14, 2013

Spare the rod?

I can be the sweetest, most nurturing mommy that you ever imagined. But, I can also be a strict mommy when you don’t do as your told. This little darling thought it would be funny to disobey Mommy, but oh how quickly we proved that wrong! You see, my darling thought it would be fun to dress up in Mommy’s clothes while she was gone. Putting on my favorite blouse and skirt, with my sheer panties and matching bra underneath it all. He thought I would never know, but he was wrong! Mommy came home early and caught her little Sissy! There was mommy’s Sissy Boi, playing in my office, looking at dirty pictures on the internet and rubbing himself through mommy’s panties. I couldn’t resist bending that lovely ass over my desk and giving it a good caning. Just look at those delightful red stripes across those butter soft cheeks. How red they look against that lovely pale skin! Such a naughty sissy to get into Mommy’s things! The whole time the tears flowed down those satin cheeks, I could see the bump in those panties growing. I know just how to take care of that hard bump! Sara
May 27, 2013

adult nanny and the troublesome adult toddler

I am an adult nanny and you my toublesome adult toddler think you will get away with all that misbehaving I do not think so. Get over here on your nannies lap so I can spank you hard you clever little thing putting things in your diaper so my hand will not hit that bottom. I will fix that maybe you require a more severe brand of diaper punishment! Naughty little abie you will not be able to sit for a week! silly of you to like to wet your diaper don’t you know it is a bad boy that does that and makes nanny upset. Crissy
March 24, 2013

Learning Lessons

I’ve told you about a ten times that you need to keep your bedroom tidy! And we both know that I do NOT like to repeat myself. In fact, normally I don’t. But you said “Please Mommy,” “I’m sorry, Mommy,” “I promise I’m gonna get it done right now, Mommy,” and now here we are. Toys all over the floor, baby blankets all rumpled up everywhere. I just don’t know what I’m going to do with you. Don’t you start with me now – no, no, no. There’s no time for cleaning up now. It’s bedtime and we’re just going to have to make sure you go to bed remembering that you ALWAYS listen to exactly what Mommy says. Oh no dear. Don’t you crawl under those sheets just yet. Come here next to Mommy. You’ve given me no other options, really I don’t know why I didn’t just handle it this way first, we both know its very effective. I believe I said I gave you directions ten times? In that case, we better make it twenty spanks. Come on, over Mommy’s knee you go. Let’s get that diaper out of the way, there’s nothing more effective than a bare bottom spanking. With every lick I want you to think about what you were told to do. And when you go to bed tonight, your bottom all hot and bright red, you remember what happens when you don’t listen to Mommy. Mommy Liz 1.888.430.2010
March 17, 2013

Mean Mommy

You think i am such a sweet mommy don;t you but you soon find out that is not the case.Dropped off thinking that you would get to do anything and whatever you want right guess what you are very wrong and soon find that out.When left in the care of Victoria its over the knee spankings,left in wet diapers or messy if i desire not too thrilled at changing messy ones so i guess that will stay on you until your other mommy or granny shows up.Diaper rash pfft you will be just fine here is a tube of rash meds i am sure you can stick your hand in there and rub some on lol since that is where your hands stay most of the time right.Oh did i also mention the fact i have a time out chair also. Victoria 1.888.430.2010
January 20, 2013

Mommy's Milk

While I would say that good firm spanking is always a good answer to most problems, so is a full tummy. That’s why I like to follow most spankings with a nice tummy full of mommy’s milk. It’s the best way to get a crying ABy to settle down! Once an ABy’s bottom is thoroughly reddened I sit on my big rocking chair and pull my ABy up on my lap. I get comfortable, undoing my nursing bra and push my nipple into my crying ABy’s mouth. And that’s all it takes! As soon as an ABy gets a taste of mommy’s sweet milk, they hush up and calm down instantly. I rub ABy’s burning bottom while he fills his tummy until he drifts on off to sleep. So if you misbehave yourself with Mommy, you can bet that you’ll get a bright red bottom, but afterwards Mommy will hush you up with a tummy full of mommy’s milk. Mommy Liz 1.888.430.2010
January 7, 2013

Spanking Season

I’ve had to do a lot of spanking lately… not that I mind hehehe! I don’t know what it is but something has definitely gotten into my ABies and they’ve been misbehaving left and right, maybe it’s because of all the spoiling they got during the holidays.Regardless I’ve of course been doing what a babysitter does best… give out bottom burning spankings! Just the other day I was babysitting little ABy Kenny and I was giving him a special diaper rub while he took his bottle and he kept trying to squirt in his diaper before I said he was allowed to. I told him, he better cut it out or he would get a spanking to calm him down. Well of course, he couldn’t control himself and I had to pinch his leg to stop him from shooting. You can guess what happened next – I turned him over my knee and yanked down his diaper and gave him a spanking on his naughty bottom! Are you having trouble being a good boi? Don’t worry, I’ll straighten ya out with firm spanking! xoxo Samantha 1.888.430.2010 “
July 16, 2011

County Nursery

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they had a court sanctioned county nursery to sentence certain offenders to? A judge could sentence misbehaving and naughty boyfriends and husbands to this nursery – a place where they would be forced to where diapers with pretty pink diaper covers and frilly dresses. They would have to sleep in a crib, drink from a bottle, and take regular visits to the park and museums in their new attire. They would be given new girlie names like Janey and Priscilla and Betsy. The nursery would have weekly pageants to show the public what pretty little girls they have in their care. Public diaper changes would be mandatory, of course, displaying their little pee pees for the entire world to see. Bare bottom spankings would be a daily ritual as well. With all the whining and tantrums, they would be a fundamental part of their rehabilitation into girlhood. Yes, I believe a county nursery would be an excellent addition to the legal system! Mommy Gina 1*888*430*2010
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