Butt Sex While Wearing a Sissy Diaper Dress The lady was dressed in a sissy diaper dress and was wearing white stockings.
Double up the Diapers
December 6, 2015
There were numerous Christmas presents on the ground for the people.
Christmas Surprise
December 10, 2015

My sissy was so naughty the other day. I was changing her diaper and putting on a nice little dress and she just wouldn’t stop squirming. I know she was anxious because I was taking her to the park for the first time in her sissy dress, but that’s no excuse for being so rude while I was trying to make her pretty! I told her to relax the first time, the second time I told her that she really needed to calm down, and the third time I told her that if she didn’t settle down I would be forced to punish her. After that I brought my naughty sissy over to the couch in my apartment and told her to bend over my knee because she was getting a good spanking for not listening to Mommy. Finally, she bent over and I pulled up her dress, pulled down her diaper, and gave her three hard slaps on her little bum. That should make her listen to mommy much better from now on


–Barbie <3


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