cheer up Mommy
December 6, 2015
The banner for "Naughty Sissy" looked lovely and was pink in tone.
Mommy Barbie’s Naughty Sissy
December 6, 2015


Brrrrrr! I don’t know about what you all think, but the weather has really been getting chilly lately! Perfect for sweaters, cocoa, and curling up with my little adult babies. The fireplace warms us up nicely while we lay on the couch and cuddle and spend time together. We can’t always stay here in our little slice of paradise though… Sadly. Sometimes, we have to be productive and we have to leave the house and our warm blankets behind. With the cold weather comes new thoughts on my mind… I don’t think that one adult baby diaper is going to be enough to stave off the chilly winter winds! What I was thinking was a nice warm cloth diaper to fold and pin around your bottom before we go out into the cold. I will put a nice disposable diaper on you over the top of the cloth diaper to make sure that the cloth stays nice and cozy and tucked in tight against you.




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