MILF sex
December 6, 2015
Butt Sex While Wearing a Sissy Diaper Dress The lady was dressed in a sissy diaper dress and was wearing white stockings.
Double up the Diapers
December 6, 2015

michelleedit13I get disappointed when my adult baby takes his time to talk to me. Sometimes I need to hear my adult baby’s voice when I answer the phone. To shower my attention on my adult baby. It makes me feel wanted and needed. It is a bond that cannot be broken. I show my adult baby I appreciate the attention and needs that the adult baby has for it’s Mommy by placing boundaries and guidelines for how I want my adult baby to be. Though at times it can be very tiresome, when my adult baby is tired or does not want to listen . But that is an adult baby’s Mommy’s job to always be able to work with the adult baby even on a bad day. It can be rough at times but in the end it is completely worth it . What do you think? Let me know .  US/CAN 888-938-7382 INT’L 714-442-2402 Michelle


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