The banner for "Naughty Sissy" looked lovely and was pink in tone.
Mommy Barbie’s Naughty Sissy
December 6, 2015
On the bed is a Hairy Pussy Lady, dressed in the white and pink ensemble.
Nanny Ella’s Favorite Things – Part 2
December 12, 2015

Mommy was so excited Christmas morning. She and you had spent a lot of time putting strings of bright lights and pretty ornaments on the tree, and now there were big boxes wrapped in paper sitting beneath it. Mommy pulled out one of the boxes, one covered in long curls of ribbons, and handed it to you. Her face was radiant as she waited for you to tear off the paper and see what she had for you inside.


You tried so hard to smile when you looked at all the pastel pink fabric. You held it out in front of you, this dress made of satin and lace ruffles. Oh no, it’s a dress for sissies! Mommy clapped her hands, eagerly chanting for you to try it on. It was nice to see Mommy happy, and you wanted to please her.

Pulling off your pajama top and bottoms, you slipped into the dress. Your face flushed with embarrassment. What would your friends think if they saw you now? They would tease you for crossdressing, at least! But Mommy couldn’t be more pleased to see you in the pretty outfit.


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