December 10, 2015

Christmas Surprise

Mommy was so excited Christmas morning. She and you had spent a lot of time putting strings of bright lights and pretty ornaments on the tree, and now there were big boxes wrapped in paper sitting beneath it. Mommy pulled out one of the boxes, one covered in long curls of ribbons, and handed it to you. Her face was radiant as she waited for you to tear off the paper and see what she had for you inside. You tried so hard to smile when you looked at all the pastel pink fabric. You held it out in front of you, this dress made of satin and lace ruffles. Oh no, it’s a dress for sissies! Mommy clapped her hands, eagerly chanting for you to try it on. It was nice to see Mommy happy, and you wanted to please her. Pulling off your pajama top and bottoms, you slipped into the dress. Your face flushed with embarrassment. What would your friends think if they saw you now? They would tease you for crossdressing, at least! But Mommy couldn’t be more pleased to see you in the pretty outfit. Call Mommy Lauren at 888-938-7382
June 5, 2010

My Cup of Tea!

Girls love to play dress up and believe you me we don’t care who or what you are, if we are in the mood to play and we need a playmate then you will be ours for the taking! I dress up my dolls, my barbies, my pets, and my baby brother! He fusses when I put him in my little ruffled pink dresses, specially the one with the big puff sleeves, but i just giggle and tell him the more he fusses the longer it will take! If I promise to put on a diaper underneath his panties he calms down even quicker. We have tea parties, I feed him a bottle and mush up moms left overs into baby food, I have even taken him on long strolls and have picnics! Wanna play dress up? Mandy 1 888 430 2010
September 19, 2009

You're Not a Boy!

Now come here Michelle and come with your mother. Mommies tired of you dressing like a boy and take that stinky old sock out of your pants!Mommy went shopping today and bought you all new clothes for the new school yesr. Dont you argue with me I want those scuffy old jeans and dirty t-shirt off you. I have the sweeties new training bra with matching panties, pretty little pink and blue skirt with a top to match and sandles! You will look so pretty tonight at opne house. The boys are gona love you! Let Mommy teach you how to behave around those little boys, my little lady. Ahhh, you look so sweet my little doll. Now come sit with your mother and I will explain what happens when you are all alone with the boys on the play ground! Dont worry I will teach you everything you need to know dear! Sara 1 888 430 2010
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