September 26, 2013

Seven Minutes in Heaven

I have a new game to teach you and your friends the next time you have a sleep over.  It’s called Seven Minutes in Heaven.  And seeing how I’ll be the only girl there, you all get to play with me *wink*.  One at a time, you’ll join me in the closet, and I’ll show you such wondrous things, you’ll think you’re in heaven!  What’s that?  You want to have a sleep over tonight?  Anything for my little man!   Mommy Gina 1.888.430.2010
February 21, 2013

Taboo Phone Play: Just a Peek

Mommy sees how curious you are getting about your changing body…about girls and how they are different from boys.  I’ve seen you trying to sneak a peek down my blouse or under my dress when I bend over…honestly it gives me a little tickle, hehe.  So when I catch you trying to sneak a peek at me, I confront you; instead of getting angry, I ask you if you would like to take a peek and see how mommies are different from little boys (after all, if it isn’t up to mommy to teach you all about the birds and the bees, then who’s is it?).  I lift up my dress for you, exposing my little lacy panties.  I tell you to come a little closer and get a better look…closer my precious…closer…if you like, I can let you see what mommies have underneath our pretty little panties, but just a peek, ok? Mommy Maggy 1.888.430.2010
January 26, 2013

Mommy’s Panties

You were going to just ask if you could have a snack, but just as you were about to push on the door that was left ajar, you decide to peek in first instead.  With the door open a few inches, you could clearly see mommy standing there, her back to you, as she unzips her dress.  You see her pink panties, her pink garter belt.  As she slides her dress off her shoulders it puddles around her feet; she steps out of it, and walks over to her vanity. The sight of her sitting there, brushing out her hair is having an unexpected effect on you.  You feel the, as of late, familiar swelling in your pants as you can’t seem to tear your eyes away.  The blood rushes to your face – leaving you flushed; the blood also rushes to another part of your anatomy, filling your head with thoughts you thought not possible…at least not about your mom. You don’t know why, but you find your hand reaching down and touching what your mommy embarrassingly stills calls “Mr. Winky.”  He approves of the attention you give it, and seems to demand more…more as it throbs and pulsates with a mind and need of its own, like a newborn baby demanding attention from its mommy. You are lost in your own rhythms, as you don’t notice your mommy catching the image of you in the mirror in front of her – the image of you touching yourself uncontrollably yet a bit awkwardly, revealing the instinct to stroke, but lacking in the execution to truly satisfy. She simply continues to brush her hair as she quietly but firmly commands you to come in.   Her soft order disrupts you and your activity, as the flush on your face is renewed.  She doesn’t try to cover herself up, but simply smiles when she turns around to look at you. With her hands crossed in front and resting them on her knees, she says, “You enjoy what you see” – it was a statement not a question. You try and feign ignorance, but your mommy – the one that had once held you as a baby, changed your diapers and nursed you at her bosom, knows you all to well.  With a wave of her hand and a soft chuckle, she stands up, takes your hand in hers and leads you to her bed.  Your heart races; your eyes linger on your mommy’s panties, her bra, her garter belt, her silky stockings; she touches you where your hand once was and continues where you had left off. “It’s all right dear; I know all about such things…let me teach you….” Care to help me finish my little fantasy?  Give me a call and we can do so together. Gina 1.888.430.2010
May 19, 2011

First Time

  I remember the first time you took a step; the first time you skinned your knee; the first time you went to school. Who else would be there for all your firsts but your mommy? And now you are ready for another first time – one that will show you what to do with that growing penis of yours. There’s no reason to get bashful with me! I can see your newly formed boner underneath those covers of yours. I’m going to just crawl in next to you, and show you exactly how to touch it, how to stroke it, how to use it in new and wondrous ways, places. – Now are you ready for your next “first time?”      Mommy Gina 1*888*430*2010   Other areas of play for this MILF: Strap on play ~ sissy training ~ petticoat punishment ~ adult babies ~ diaper lovers
April 24, 2011

Mommy Fuck!

So what is it about Easter that is most exciting outside the candy and the eggs? I would have to say it is the Bunnies. And what is it about Bunnies that are so interesting, besides the ones made from chocolate? That’s right, Bunnies like to Fuck! Mommies Fuck too, Just fucking everyone and anyone a good old orgy. So wanna play with me? Just humping everything in sight, just cum and getting off all day long. Cum get off with me. Why that is what spring is really all about, fucking! Lauren 1 888 430 2010
February 25, 2011


We really do know best! So what is a litte boy to do? There is only one thing to do Phone a Mommy today and get instructed on how to be a good boy to me. So my horny little ABDL, you need some over due Mommy son sex play I know you do, so diaper up and pick up the phone. Mommy Sara is waiting to play with you. Mommy Sara 1 888 430 2010
January 19, 2011


While Daddy is away, Mommy Lauren must play! And you know what that means, dont you my love? Let us plan for just a cozy night here at home, just the two of us. I would enjoy if you help me with my bubble bath, I will show you how to use that loafa on me, allow you to wash my long beautiful hair. I will let you dry me off using the soft towel along my thighs, your hands tremble as you rub my sweet pussy, you begin to blush as you rub the towel up and over my tummy and onto my breast. I will let you slip my robe on and brush my hair. My boy is always so eager to please. Aren’t you my love? Then Mommy wants you to cuddle with her close in bed, spooning me as we sleep. Let Mommy Lauren feel your manhood up against me, let Mommy teach you just what to do and how to please me. Please Mommy dear, Goodboy! Your favorite MILF Lauren, 1 888 430 2010
May 6, 2010

Great Flick

They released Dirty Dancing out on DVD. I am looking forward to watching this one again. After watching all the Dancing with the Stars, I think I need to see the man who knew all the right moves! I remember when I first watched this flick, I use to day dream about Patrick Swayze for days on end. I even called my boyfriend Patrick once, he would get so mad at me LOL. I couldn’t help it, I mean hes just HOT! Now I am all hot and bothered thinking about it! Oh my, I better go cool off or something LOL Hot & Bothered Lauren 1 888 430 2010
January 17, 2010

Shower Time

My how you’ve grown! Seems like just yesterday I was changing your diaper, having you suckle at my breast, and bathing you in the sink. But you’re getting older now, on the verge of manhood. Your body is changing, growing, and you’re exploring those new and exciting changes. It’s my honor to help you explore those changes, and as your mommy, I feel it’s my duty as well *wink*. I love to sneak into the shower with you and lather you up, making sure not to miss a single inch! Mmmmm, do you like the way mommy washes you? My, how you’re growing! Mommy Gina 1*888*430*2010
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