September 14, 2018

Playing With Silly Sissy Judith

I really love when I get to play with my abdl Mommy’s sissy. Her name is Sissy Judith, and she’s even more girly than I am! She comes over, Mommy immediately strips her right there in the living room to dress her in short frilly dresses with stockings, and it doesn’t matter if it just me or if some of Mommy’s friends are over to watch and giggle. Then Sissy Judith has to lay down and hold her dress in her hands so it won’t get in the way of Mommy putting her in a super thick diaper! She fusses and cries, says she doesn’t like being treated that way but we all just laugh because the way her tiny sissy clittie gets hard lets us know just what a big old fib that is! If you are jealous of silly Sissy Judith, you have to call me for some sissy fetish phonesex and tell me! Barbie 1-888-430-2010 Click Here to talk with a phone sex Mommy! #sissyfetish #sissyphonesex #diaperedsissy
August 2, 2011

sissy boy | Mommy’s little girl

Are you Mommy’s little sissy? You over there hiding your face while you sit in your plastic panties and diapers are you Mommy’s little sissy? I think it is you. I think it’s you sitting over there sucking on your thumb looking just like Mommy’s darling sissy baby. Why you look just like a real baby girl! Are you sure you’re not a sissy baby? I see you shaking your head but you seem to be a little sissy wissy baby. I think you are in fact a sissy and you’re just terrified that everyone will know the truth. Mommy Shirley
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