June 13, 2013

ABie in a Bag

Well now, isn’t this just the most perfect item!  I think every AB Mommy should have one of these in her arsenal, don’t you?  First it’s pink (who doesn’t like pink?); secondly, it latex (mmmm, the way it feels to the touch, against the skin, the sound it makes – need I say anything more about it?).  Third, it keeps rambunctious and less-then-willing adult babies and sissies (for that matter, ANYONE who is need of a serious time out) safe and secure and immobilized (can’t have our little one trying to get out of their crib, now can we?). And last but certainly not least, the fact that it’s a VERY effective disciplinary tool!  One night in this wonderful little item and the most unruly of ABies and sissies will become sweet as pie!    Now to choose…who do I put in it first…     Maggie 1.888.430.2010
May 17, 2013

Masked Maid

My pretty little maid is so shy around people that i suggested a nice  mask so i looked around online and in the local adult stores.Some just did not suit what i was looking for and besides it was hard for me to really say what design i was wanting just knew i would find it eventually.So yes i am hardheaded when it comes to getting things done my way. I wanted her in a pretty mask and it had to be in something so bright and pretty so i told her she was going with me shopping and she hates shopping probably as bad as i do because i have her doing all of mine.But in one of the shopping trips that we did go on i found this  Mask and it fit her perfectly now she can be the maid she was made to be. Victoria 1.888.430.2010
January 25, 2012

Latex Diaper

Well now, isn’t this quite interesting – a latex diaper.  Now for some, a pair of rubber pants to go over a soft, thick cloth diaper is a staple in your “special” arsenal.  Having a cloth diaper held in place with such a tight fitting garment ads to the over all experience in diaper wearing.  For them, simply wearing plastic pants/panties over a cloth diaper, or a disposable diaper for that matter, just doesn’t due a diaper justice.  Though both will generate and hold in a great deal of heat and wetness, a tight fitting rubber pant will give the added restriction that some are seeking over just a plastic pant per say. And of course there is the thickness of a rubber pant vs. a plastic panty.  It just feels so much more substantial and accentuates the fact that one is in a diaper.   But let’s say you want to take that feeling one step further – to have nothing between you and the rubber pants.  To feel the soft rubberized latex against your skin; the actual compression of the material as it encapsulates you; feeling it rub against you, being able to have that sensation magnified and intensified; having the latex diaper not only reflect your own body heat, producing a greenhouse effect, but keeping any added wetness within the confines of the latex.  And that, I think, is when a rubber pant becomes a latex diaper.   Feeling the latex both slip and stick to ones skin after one has tinkled and filled it, can be for some, let’s just say….climactic to say the least, LOL.  For those of you who share in this particular… “Fascination”, you know exactly what I am talking about ;).   So to all you rubber pants wearers out there, how about trying a latex diaper and mixing it up a bit (never know what you may be missing, hehehe)?   Gina 1*888*430*2010
July 16, 2011

Plastic Wrap

I’ve been fascinated as of late with different forms of subduing techniques.  I have put the question to the forums over on Phone a Mommy, and I thought I might bring the subject here as well.  From cuffs, to potions to being immobilized by many pairs of hands to blackmail – so very many ways to be restrained for one purpose or another.  Now the other night in the chatroom, our resident Daddy Paul brought up the possibility of plastic wrap.  Well let me tell you, this peaked my interest.  What a lovely use a common household item!  One could use plastic wrap as a suitable substitute to ropes/cuffs, create a make shift  sleep sack out of it, as well as adapt it to be used as bed/hospital straps.  And the things I could do with the colored wraps – especially the rose colored ones (let’s just say I would test my clothes designing skills with it, teeheehee!)!  I think it may actually pass the versatility of duct tape LOL!  So I wanted to tip my hat to Daddy Paul for opening my eyes (and my warped, little mind) to the wonderful world of plastic wrap!   Maggie 1*888*430*2010     Oh, and as a side note, thought that this might be entertaining for all you ABies out there! http://youtu.be/UUOmMN-SwRc
June 23, 2010


Birthdays are special days. This week one of my very best friends is celebrating their 40th Birthday. I promise I put a lot more effort into her Birthday cake than this one in the picture. Her fiance asked me if I would bake her a cake if he organized the party. Fair enough, I love to bake anyhow so it was a good deal. I told him the Birthday spankings were his responsibility also. Happy Birthday to all of the June birthday abies and dl’s out there. Mommy Scarlet
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