March 31, 2012

Spring Time In The ABDL Community

The ABDL Community is filled with all sorts of off shoots, and different levels of lifestyle enjoyment. Although I eat, sleep, and drink the ABDL lifestlye, this time of year makes me think of the two main groups within the ABDL Fetish. Those two are Adult Babies and Sissies. The reason for this is mostly the soft colors that are associated with Spring. You think of sunshine, happiness, warmer weather, flowers blooming, smiles and all the little ones enjoying days at the Park with Mommy. When you are a Mommy, and Spring Time rolls around, you think of dressing your tiny one in soft blues, pinks, yellows, pastel greens, pretty dresses, and just cute t-shirts and diapers. And who doesn’t like to see a fetish-tot running around in just a sweet dress, or t-shirt with their diapered bottom hanging out for all the world to see. Plus this also makes it much easier for Mommy to give your diapered hiney a pat here and there and hear that wonderful crinkle. Spring time is a wonderful time of year for everyone. But for Me it is the best within the ABDL Community! Love And Butterfly Kisses, Mommy Lauren 888.430.1020
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