July 15, 2013

diaperslave whore

You are my diaperslave whore you like to wet your diapers  and make such a mess for me to clean up. As I am changing your dirty nappie you make it messy with your filth on purpose you   are mocking your dommy mommy! Be a better adult baby with me or I will give you some harsh spankings, you do not wanna be on  my bad side I am telling you now so we can avoid that predicament. Why are you running from me with that bare ass of yours in public ? Did you tear your fresh diapee off what a naughty little whore , you were getting gang banged in that park bathroom again I bet! Veronika 1*888*430*2010
May 6, 2013

diaperslave alyx

    What a naughty little diaper slave Alyx is she loves to crawl on the floor in her messy diaper! Does she think she can go about making a mess out of her pretty skirt and stockings? I paddled he dirty ass till she cried, then even harder after she got done crying. “I want more mistress”. she says as she laid on her back,messy diaper oozing her big breasts bouncing from excitement.  I looked down at her and said ” Look what you have done you horrid girl you know what happens now don’t you?” I waited to see if she would answer. She was slipping her fingers in her diaper” I hope its the paddle machine?” “That is right the machine for you”. I kicked her into the small door leading to the machine and listened as she yelped with happiness. Veronika 1*888*430*2010
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