June 11, 2011

Nanny Ella’s Baby Harness

Nanny now has a wonderful adult baby harness with reins, harness, bondage wrist cuffs and diaper restraint. They are made in pink and blue leather, easy to use and soon render baby entirely helpless. Now if you have been a naughty baby, nanny can soon restrain your hands so that you are unable to get up to mischief such as throwing things around the nursery or playing with yourself inside your diaper. The diaper restraint will further guard against misbehavior with the aid of a lockable diaper restraint. Now when nanny wants to make sure your diaper wearing is enforced, she can! Nanny Ella 1-888-430-2010
April 29, 2011

Forced Babying For My Boyfriend

Men are made, not born. Not all men become men equally. Not all men act like men. Here’s the story: My boyfriend was annoying me. He wasn’t taking me out, he wasn’t pulling his weight. I came home from a job taking care of a very good, passive little one. I knew my bf had the day off, so I had left a little list for him of things that needed doing around the house. I got home and nothing was done. He was playing video games and the house was a mess. The last straw, you could say. To make a long story short, I had enough, and I had an idea. I told him if he couldn’t act like a man, I would no longer treat him like a man, that I would treat him like the child he was acting like, a forced babying as it were. I will save the thrilling details because I don’t diaper and tell, at least not in such a public forum, but let’s just say he took well to the role. Care to hear more? It would be my pleasure to tell you. ~Nanny Ella~ 1-888-430-2010
April 2, 2011

Be Good For Nanny, Or Else!

Maybe it’s because I have a reputation for being strict that I always get stuck with the bad, bratty babies. I had one little guy today who just would not behave. — He was fussing about and wouldn’t stop whining until I gave him a bottle and then he just wanted another one. Well, I gave him another on the condition that he would tell Nanny as soon as he felt ready to go peepee. His Mommy is working on potty training the tot and there won’t be any setbacks on Nanny’s watch. — Well that naughty little brat made a big stinky mess in his diaper and I know it was on purpose. For that I let him sit in it until just before his mommy was due to come home and then, when I was cleaning him up I decided to clean him out too and I brought out an enema. He squealed and squirmed but I’m not one to take it easy on a little one that intentionally defies me. Next time, I think he will listen. – — – Your Naughty Nanny Ella — Call now for Naughty Nanny Phone Sex Role Play 1-888-430-2010
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