November 22, 2015

Step mommy

This step mom role sure has its perks, I get to have all the young men hanging around our house and occasionally I even get to teach them a thing or two. They also like to have fetish parties which I have to say is a huge bonus. Since my husband travels so much for work, it keeps me from being lonely. We made sure to have all these arrangements in place before I ever even considered marriage. Oh it benefits him as well he has fun while he is away on business. As he should, no one needs a stale marriage to come home to. He likes to party and loves women. He loves to entertain just as much as I do, and when we do get to travel together we get to add all that play together. Yes I must say this is the best of all worlds. Call and let Tawny play with you too. (888)430-2010
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