October 5, 2012

Paddled in pretty pink panties

Sissy boy paddled in pretty pink panties. dancing for my cameras eye. What a silly little twit that thinks he can get away with stealing the neighbor girls panties out of the backyard from the clothesline. I paddled him good he knew I would. Then I marched him over to the girls house in the panties and restrained in leather bondage cuffs. He was made to knock and wait  horrified as the girl looked out the window & laughed so hard she cried. So he says to me in his pathetic little voice stammering ” Mistress I tried… I really tried…It is hard to be good… I did try tho.” I guess you will try harder next time ! Vicious Mistress V 1*888*430*2010
September 21, 2012

Diaper bondage

My slave B really likes to endure diaper bondage he is kept in his diapers all day and overnight as well.  I have chains around his waist and he is in wrist cuffs that are attached to his chains around his waist with a  big shiny padlock that comes down over his naughty parts. Being teased and taunted mercilessly made to go pee in his diaper like the helpless smelly  baby he is. B is crying now cause I am whipping ,cropping & hitting him with wet diapers, I have told him no one is coming to help him and he is in my  cold ,unyielding truly terrifying grip. I am going to keep him in these chains & make sure he never forgets just what it means to be regressed & then humiliated into a pissing ,shitting mass of pliable flesh I can punish as much I possibly want. His suffering will be heard all through the night.   Horribly Dominant  Mistress Veronika
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