April 29, 2012

Listen up my abdl boys and girls

Listen up my abdl boys and girls I am very sweet mommy but I can get sour real quick if provoked Give me some naughty lip and this phone mommy just might take you over her knee. But then you might consider that a suprise treat and not a punishment for your behavior. So mommy would have to devise a whole new system of discipline insert wicked laughter here. We will just have to see what deliciously devious things I have in store for you. Mommy comes equipped with many tools of the trade from a vast array of diapers and rubber pants, paci’s, rattles, jumpers,changing table,pack and plays,cribs,strollers,basonetts, a ton of abie clothes and high chairs all the essential abie goodies! I also really enjoy teaching all manner of lessons to my abdl girls and boys in hopes that all my instructions are followed to the very letter I offer a reward for thoes who focus on my voice and do just what they are told. If you want your blankie that’s fine by me but leave room for mommy to coddle with you if you want. Mommy will have some nice patty cake games to play with you all ready. I will really enjoy all our playtime and make sure you do too. I figure I have piqued the curious nature of you my sweet abie. You are just a little dear and mommy loves to have you near. Good mommy is very glad and looks forward to talking to you and cuddling with you. Do not wait another minute to enjoy your mommy Crissy!! 1*888*430*2010 Yim:phonemommycrissy
August 27, 2010

Through the looking glass….

As I sit and reflect on my Mother, a smile always comes to my face. I think of the first time I skinned my knee and how thoughtful and concerned she was. Taking me inside and bandaging my knee, wiping away my tears with her kisses. I reminisce of the smells, the fresh baked cookies, dinner cooking all day long on the stove in preparation for a larger Sunday evening dinner. I reflect on her singing and rocking me to sleep long into my double digits. I recall the shopping sprees or even coming home to a surprise gift laying on my bed that she had picked up for me while she was out that day. So many wonderful memories! What are some of yours? Would you like to re-live them with a mommy? Mommy Lauren 1 888 430 2010
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