June 4, 2011

Normal is as Normal Does

  I hear it all the time – am I normal?  Is it normal for me to love diapers?  It can’t be normal to want to be treated like a baby, can it?  Well let me set the record straight – YES! You are normal!  Let me expand on that…you are normal for you.  And what other yard stick is there to measure your normalcy to? Everyone has their own likes, their own dislikes, their own preferences, and yes, their own idiosyncrasies.  What used to be considered abnormal 50 years ago is now looked upon as main stream today, and visa-versa.   So, to all you Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers and Sissies out there, the way I see it, as long as it’s not hurting anyone, and it brings you happiness, then it is normal for you – after all, normal is just a setting on a washing machine, LOL!     Gina v
July 16, 2009

Pick out a slip!

Mommy Lauren has so many beautiful slips for you to pick from my sissy baby. I know you just adore to play dress up in my pretty girly clothes it’s o.k. Mommy doesn’t care. How pretty my sissy will look in my slip and Mommy Lauren will help you change it when your ready and get you all pretty in different colors. Yay! I’m excited to play so go ahead sissy call me so we can 🙂 muah, Lauren
June 18, 2009

Let’s play with Play Dough!

Hi sweetie Mommy Laurenis ready for you to come on over and make some fun stuff with my play dough! hehe Lookie just lookie what I made for my ABIEI bet you can make some really neat stuff too! Let’s Play Today ok? Muah..Hugs & kisses, Lauren
June 6, 2009

Oh those Summer Days and Summer Nights!

Oh those Summer Days and Summer Nights! Its summer time, time for fun and games In the sun and in the moonlight Take a Steamy hot daytime break with me Time out for a quick pick me up A playful phone call that will be the secret behind that Smile you display the rest of the day! Maybe even the week! To busy during the hot summer days? Well then…. After a long day riding the waves, or playing on the court Or after a hard stressful day in the office And after a nice hot shower and slipping between crisp warm sheets Don’t lay there lonely and longing for fulfillment Call me for some summer night fun! Lay back and close your eyes and let me whisper to you Softy and erotically the fantasy of your choice I’ll bring you a climax and summer night to remember! Then you’ll drift off to dream land with total satisfaction. Fantasy audios are also available for purchase! Sara 1 888 430 2010
June 4, 2009

Hide and Seek!

Wouldn’t you just luv to come over to Mommy Lauren’s house and play a little game with me? Oh my I have so many closets and rooms and a huge back yard to hide in. Why don’t you hide first and see if I can find you…my sweetie there you are hehe now see what Mommy does when she finds you… Muah, Lauren
May 15, 2009

Spanking Time!

You know one of my very special abies came over for a visit Mother’s Day and well it had been a very long time so we had much to catch up on. First, Mommy Lauren went over the rules which abie knows very well the punishment if broken and guess what? He had been very naughty since we last saw each other. I must have given him over 40 spankings his bottom was so very red and sore he had to sleep on his tummy. hehe That’s right Mommy Lauren doesn’t mess around and makes her abies stick to the rules. Have you been a good abie? Maybe it’s time for your spankings too… Muah & luv always, Mommy Lauren
April 23, 2009

Like Mommy Lauren's shoes?

Oh well now Mommy Lauren just adores to dress up nice for you darling. What do you think about my new shoes? I really like them I hope you do to. Why don’t you call your Mommy now and let’s plan a night out you can wear your diapers and we can have a fun night out on the town. Muah Mommy Lauren
March 15, 2009

A Little Bit of Pain is Pleasurable

Sara likes a little bit of pain. One of my latest new torturing devices is my tweezers. I like to pluck that hair out of your head, your arm pits, your private area *giggles* don’t be scared now, it really is rather enjoyable. It’s like a twinge of delight. And when it’s done just right in the right area it can be very erotic! Mommy Sara 1-888-430-2010
March 5, 2009

T.L.C. anyone?

Tender Loving Care that is…Mommy Lauren is relaxing right this very moment on my huge, fluffy bed ready for for some play time. Plenty of hugs,luv, kisses and well fun play w/Mommy Lauren as always! I have tons of soft blankies, fresh diapers, baby powder and my milk is always ready hehehe.. Call for some extra attention…hehe Lauren Muah~muah darlings…
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