July 30, 2015

Mommy for Diaper Girl

I have so many wonderful sissy boys in my nursery and I just love getting to play with them. I think it would be fun to have some time playing with a sweet diaper girl. She can join us while we play dress up and with all the toys I have for us. I can buy new outfits for my adult babies, the pair of them will look so pretty in their dresses and adult baby diapers! I would hold them to my chest and have them each latch onto one of my big tits so that they can adult breastfeed until they are full. Snuggles together will never be so much fun as they would be with a diaper girl to join us. When my babies made a mess in their diaper, I’d take my time wiping them down and powdering them so that they were nice and soft and clean. I’d love to rock my baby girl to sleep while I hold her and kiss her softly and gently. Hope I find my diaper girl soon! XOXO, Barb 888 – 430 – 2010
July 23, 2015

Adult Baby Diapers from Mommy

My ABDLs love their nice cozy adult baby diapers. I have so many stacks of cute diapers for you in the nursery I made just so you could be safe and have fun with me. I would love to spend some quality time playing dress up and dollies with a sissy boy. Maybe you just need someone to love on you while you suck on some big tits and take in the warm milk to fill you up when you’re hungry. Your crib and changing table are all ready for us to use to keep you happy and smiling! We can roll around on the soft carpet together, laughing and tickling each other and having the best time. Aw, is baby getting too turned on? Well, you’d better get to rubbing yourself while you wear that warm, wet diaper you’re wearing. If not, mommy will have to scold you until you get to work on yourself. I’m going to watch you from my rocking chair, lifting my skirt to play with myself while I watch you cum for me so you stop your crying. When you’re done, you’ll get a treat of your choosing and I’ll tuck you in so you can get some rest. Until it’s time to go again with some diaper sex! XOXO, Barb 888 – 430 – 2010
January 14, 2013

Punished petticoat style

Petticoat training never goes over very well with the little bratty subs that end up at my door. That big,tough man that came to me today ended up in tears, cause I showed him his attire for the night he was just not willing to accept his fate. “I can not wear them they are ladies things and I am not a lady”, I gagged him & said”You are right  you are far from a lady your my little bitch aren’t you?” I pulled his chin up with my crop so he was finally staring me right in the eyes. He immediately got to his knees and lowered his head like the  lowly little piece of man trash he is. He started to pull on the panties and garter that were laid out for him. “Much better, you will learn your place now that your little tantrum is over.”  You are looking very pretty in that frilly corset and slip. Now I think you need to come off your knees and over my lap I took my time with him to be sure he never questioned his Mistress again.  Mistress V 1*888*430*2010
October 5, 2012

Paddled in pretty pink panties

Sissy boy paddled in pretty pink panties. dancing for my cameras eye. What a silly little twit that thinks he can get away with stealing the neighbor girls panties out of the backyard from the clothesline. I paddled him good he knew I would. Then I marched him over to the girls house in the panties and restrained in leather bondage cuffs. He was made to knock and wait  horrified as the girl looked out the window & laughed so hard she cried. So he says to me in his pathetic little voice stammering ” Mistress I tried… I really tried…It is hard to be good… I did try tho.” I guess you will try harder next time ! Vicious Mistress V 1*888*430*2010
August 31, 2011

sissy slave as a puppy slave

Isn’t that an adorable sissy collar? I think it would be perfect for a sissy puppy slave. Think about it sissy, you’re forced to be a dog for your Mistress. You have lost all rights to walk on two legs and to sit on the furniture. Your clothing is simply a sissy collar and a leash, maybe a sweater but that’s it. It’s humiliating enough to have to wear diapers, but to be made to go potty on puppy pads or worse yet, outside? Have you ever thought about being a puppy slave? If you haven’t done so then do me a favor and think about it a bit. Think about what it would be like to have your humiliation loving Mistress tease you this way. Miss Scarlet 1-888-938-7382 $1.99 a min. U.S. And Canada $2.99 International Visa,Master Card and Discover accepted Billed as Madison Enterprise
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