November 29, 2020
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Naughty Sissy Baby Humiliation

Sissy Baby Tammie shook and cried while Mommy and her friends laughed and teased her, talking about what a stinky baby she was.  It wasn’t her fault! She had been just a little cranky earlier (she may have talked back to Mommy, but it wasn’t that bad), and Mommy started being so mean! She wasn’t even told before why she was pulled down onto Mommy’s lap, never even saw the thermometer, but she sure felt it when Mommy slipped in it her bottom while she was laying over Mommy’s lap with her diaper pulled down.  She started to squirm, but then Mommy’s firm hand came down hard on her bottom, and Tammie was told that there was more coming her way if she didn’t settle down.  She barely managed it, the feeling of the thermometer inside her was so embarrassing! When it was pulled out she thought that was it, right until Mommy pushed a few suppositories inside her, telling her that she was going to use her abdl diapers just like a good sissy baby… in front of Mommy’s friends! Once Mommy Brenda had pushed three suppositories inside Tammie’s bottom, she stood her up to pull the diaper back in place, and told her that she had to crawl to the living room in her pretty pink dress and thick abdl diaper for all her friends to see! Mommy put a lacy bonnet on her head, mittens on her hands and baby booties on her feet to finish the adorable outfit. She almost balked about it, but the squinty look Mommy gave her got rid of that idea quick.  So, she did want she was told to do, her head hanging down in embarrassment when she crawled into the living room, heading right to the middle of the room, so everyone could see her. Mommy smirked at her. “Now, you stay right where you are, so that we can all watch when those little suppositories I pushed inside you start to kick in!”, she said.  It wasn’t long before Sissy Baby Tammie’s stomach started to cramp, and it must have shown on her face. Mommy Brenda and all her friends started tease her, telling her that she was such a silly sissy baby she might as well poop her diaper in front of them, they already knew how ridiculous she was! That was humiliating enough, but when she couldn’t hold it anymore, and she started to fill her diaper up with a loud rip, it got even worse! Mommy Jackie came over to lift her dress even higher, pointing how lumpy the back of her diaper was to everyone, then giving it a firm couple of pats.  “Someone has made a stinky mess of themselves!”, she said. “Couldn’t hold it, hmm? That’s exactly why you’re in diapers, silly.” All Sissy Baby Tammie could do was moan and squirm in embarrassment while everyone laughed at her! Sound like something you would love to have happen to you? Give me a call for some sissy humiliation phone sex. Aunt Brenda 1-888-430-2010 Click Here to chat with a phone sex lady! #sissybaby #diaperedsissy #forcedenema #humiliation #sissyphonesex
September 3, 2012

Bobby's Enema

Bobby is one of my most special, sweetest little ABies. The other night I went over to his house to babysit him while his parents went over to their friend’s house for dinner. When I arrived at the house, Bobby’s mommy Lucy welcomed me and we had a little chat while she finished fixing her makeup. Little Bobby sat on my lap and played with my hair while I talked to his mommy. Lucy told me that Bobby had been having a lot of tummy troubles and was having problems making poopies. Bobby looked at me with sad little puppy dog eyes when Lucy was explaining this. I kissed the top of his head and rubbed his tummy. Lucy continued, “We were thinking of giving him an enema, but when we tried this morning we just could not get him to keep still! Maybe you’ll have better luck.” “I think we’ll manage,” I said as I looked at sweet ABy Bobby and pinched his cheeks. A little while later, Bobby was laying on a blanket in the living room playing with his toy cars. “Bobby, honey, we’re gonna try to make you feel better, ok sweetie?” Bobby looked worried, “its ok honey,” I said as I walked over with the bag, tube, and lubricant. “Your tummy will feel so much better when we’re done.” I slipped a plastic sheet underneath him and untaped his diaper. “Ok now honey, this will only be a little uncomfortable, but you keep playing with your cars and it’ll be over soon.” I hung the small bag up next to me and squeezed the lubricant into my hands. I coated the end of the tube with it and rubbed it between Bobbys little cheeks and hole. “Ok here we go,” I said, sliding the tube into his bottom slowly. Bobby whimpered a little but I rubbed his back and murmured softly, “its alright Bobby, its ok.” I let the warm fluid fill him slowly until the bag was empty. Once the bag was empty, I told him he only had to hold it for a few minutes. I sang him a little song, and then when the time was up I rubbed his tummy as he let everything out. When it was all over I cleaned little Bobby up and put him in a fresh diaper and gave him nice soft cuddles. If you need an enema to make you feel better, just let me take care of you, I’ll make you feel alllll better! xoxo Samantha 1.888.430.2010
February 15, 2012

Medical Procedure: An Enema for Patient

  Oh how I do so enjoy playing nurse, indulging in a medical examination roleplay!  Imagine me walking into your hospital room with a wicked little smile; placing all my medical paraphernalia on the table by you; pulling down the sheets quickly while explaining to you that it’s time for your “procedure”.   Seeing the panic rise in your eyes as I pull down your underwear, you whimpering how it isn’t necessary.  I giggle slightly as I “tsk tsk” you, telling you that it’s for your own good.  I hang the prepared enema bag on the hook, and then tell you to let your knees drop to your sides.  You don’t want to, but I force them down anyways.   Since you are being uncooperative, I call for another nurse to assist me; you plead with me, saying that you won’t be difficult, if only I would not call anyone else in – you don’t want anyone else to see you this way.  I smile and I tell you it’s too late.  A young nurse comes in, sees you in your compromising position, and giggles.  She then asks me if I need assistance with the procedure, and I say yes, seems he’s not being very cooperative today.   I then place a glob of Vaseline onto the nozzle, spread your ass cheeks and slowly insert the end piece into your tight little ass.  You turn beet red for being placed in such a compromising and vulnerable state, but I warn you that if you give us any trouble, that things may not go well for you.  You quickly shut your mouth and endure the embarrassment.  I then slowly release the clamp partially, letting the warm liquid flow into your waiting bowels.   Your abdomen starts to extend outward as the fluids fill every inch of you.  The sensation is oddly strange – and then you see the young nurse smile widely.  You realize what she is looking at – your penis has become fully erect with the administering of the enema.  I giggle slightly and tell you it’s perfectly normal; that many men become aroused and erect with an enema.   I then turn to the young nurse and explain your “predicament”, and that sometimes it is necessary to help patients “relieve” themselves. I then demonstrate to my helper how to hold your penis at its base; how to stroke up, then down your hardened shaft; how to increase the speed and rhythm with every stroke; all the while the warm fluids seep into every inch of your bowels.   I tell her to clamp the tube once I see your abdomen fully extended, and pull out the nozzle.  The sensations are more then you can take.  I then tell her that she should get the bed pan, because I don’t think you will be able to hold your water for very much longer. She slides the metal seat under you.  You can no longer hold back.  Your cock explodes as you release the water from your bowels.   I grin from ear to ear and say to you, “See? Now don’t you feel better now?”   You are beyond embarrassed, but can only manage to nod your head. The young nurse laughs under her breath, and proceeds to clean you up and take the bed pan away.   As we start to leave your room, I turn back to you and say with a wink, “Now I hope you are more cooperative tomorrow, or I will be forced to have one of the male nurses help me with your […]
November 15, 2011

I Have Just What You Need

  Awww, my little man keeps squirming and holding his hand down below his belly, like he’s so very uncomfortable down there.  I know what you need – a nice, warm enema to get things moving the way they should and make everything right as rain again!  Now now, stop your fussing, mommy knows what’s best for you.  You’ll feel so much better when that warm water starts flowing deep inside you! And don’t you be worried or embarrassed about that little “swelling” you get between your legs every time you get an enema.  It’s a perfectly normal reaction that young men get when they receive an enema.  But don’t worry; mommy knows how to take care of that too!  Now assume the position – on your belly with your knees under you, that’s it, now raise those hips of yours and spread your knees apart….   AB Mommy Gina 1*888*430*2010
October 6, 2011

Assume the Position

Now this is how I like to see my little ones – bare assed, red and raw from a severe session of spankings, and bent over the toilet receiving an enema.  It’s always good to remind my little guys who is exactly in charge and what the consequences are for misbehaving and/or not following instructions.  Heck, they can get this treatment if I’m just in the mood, LOL!  Hmmmmm, I feel the urge coming on now – what unsuspecting victim, I mean little one, shall I satisfy my urges on today?   Gina v  
September 28, 2011

Diaper Punishment

I warned you what was going to happen if you did it again, didn’t I? That the price for your insolence was going to be high. Now look at your self – your diapered ass exposed as your sitting in a crib, restraints keeping your naughty self still while I stuff the enema nozzle deep up that hole of yours. You had better hold you water you weak, pathetic excuse of a man – and I use that term very loosely. Once you have taken all your water, then I’m going to put you in a double pair of plastic pants and make you fill that diaper of yours…and you can sit in your extremely full and dirty diaper all night and think upon what you have done and how you are going to make it up to me. Now call Ella and take your diaper punishment – you know you deserve it 1-888-430-2010
August 5, 2011

Bath Time Abies

Some little water babies like the bath. They splash around and make a mess but they don’t mind when it’s time to wash up. Nanny lathers the soap in her hands and then lathers up her slippery water tot. There are so many precious little parts, so many little cracks and crevices to get into and keep smooth and soft. Some little ones are not as easy to keep clean. Sometimes Nanny has to wonder how one little person can bring home so much sand from the beach, or gravel from the play ground. As if that wasn’t enough, the little brats fight about getting in the tub, and washing is another battle altogether. It tries my nerves, that’s for sure, but there’s something I know that they don’t–something that you learn with age: some things are inevitable. Just as you got dirty, you will get clean, and Nanny always gets her way. Don’t want soap in your eyes? Hold still. Don’t want Nanny to have to lather and scrub and rinse and lather and scrub and rinse again? Don’t go rolling around in the sandbox; and when you do get out of the sandbox, do a little hokey pokey and shake it off! Then there are some little ones that are so naughty they have to be cleaned especially hard. Little boys with potty mouth get their mouths washed out with soap. And some little ones are so naughty they have to be bent right over the side of the tub to have a slick enema tube up their bottoms to clean them out good. How bad do you have to be for that? Do you really want to find out? Be sweet to Nanny and Nanny will be sweet to you. Naughty Nanny Ella 1-888-938-7382
May 27, 2011

Phone Nanny Ella when Mommy's Had Enough

Nanny Ella is here to discipline and train naughty little ones that just give their Mommy a hard time. If you are making trouble I will set you straight no matter what it takes. Forced diapering and infantilism, enemas, spankings, sissification–I will go to any extreme to break you and YOU WILL BE GOOD for Nanny. In the end it is worth the effort to behave because Nanny Ella takes special care of sweet little ones and even though you have to be good, I can get as naughty as I like.     ~Your Naughty Nanny Ella~   Call Nanny Ella for Naughty Nanny Phone Sex Role Play 1-888-430-2010
January 24, 2010

Benefits of enemas

Most of my babies already know my favorite type of enema is Milk and Honey, the benefits of milk and honey are how it soothes the lining of your colon, as well as cleaning the colon. To me it is a very relaxing type enema. My second favorite would be a coffee enema for the detoxification it provides to the liver; the coffee causes the liver to increase bile and then excretes it. Therefore, if you have never attempted to try an enema perhaps you should reconsider it has great health benefits. I would be happy to walk you through it over the phone. Happy Cleansing! Sara 1 888 430 2010
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