November 9, 2011


Poor little peepee pants Sammy. What am I going to do with him? He tells me these hilarious stories about being a man, and about being a big boy who is too big for diapers. That’s not what the wet spots on his jeans say though. Those wet spots to me say I need a diaper, someone please diaper me. If you saw pee pee pants Sammy walking around wet as rain what would you do? He thinks I’m a meanie for saying maybe I should put him in diapers. He has a big diaper fetish though, he’s not fooling me I wasn’t born yesterday. I’ll just keep telling peepee pants that it’s alright and Miss Liz has it under control. Miss Lizabeth
May 8, 2011


  I’ve recently been having my abie pose as a diaper model for me. It’s only for Mommy so you won’t see any of the pics of him in his adult diapers. It’s taken him some time to get comfortable with it and know that it’s what Mommy wants. He has never refused to do it, he just gets so shy it’s actually very cute. Since I started being a phone Mommy I have seen some of the cutest ab diaper models that I talk to as well. Some of you abies send Mommy cute pics of you in your diapers and baby clothes and I love it. Thank you for sharing that with me and letting me see your cute diapered selves.   Mommy Scarlet  
February 14, 2011

diapered men

This Valentines Day I wanted to wish a Happy one to all of the diapered men who read this abdl blog. Diapers are just one of the things I like to see men wearing (along with panties,jeans,leather,eye liner, ruffles..) . I want to wish the happiest of Valentines Days to you diapered guys though. If you’re a diapered guy in eye liner or ruffles well then that’s just a big plus for me. Thank you for being you and I hope today is wonderful. Mommy Scarlet
July 3, 2008

Pretty Red White and Blue Diapers

    I went a little nuts with 4th of July stickers to stick to my abies diaper. I just want him to look his best you know, and celebrate the holiday in diapered style. It will have to be at nighttime since we will be around family during the day. Are any of you abies dressing up, even if it’s under your clothes?     Mommy Scarlet
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