September 10, 2012

Diapered sissy&pantieboy

This is the tale of diapered sissy & pantie boy. diapered sissy was a very funny looking little sissy he had pink diapers with sparkly stickers all over his diapers he had such a lisp but was a very sweet sissy. Always did just what I want him to. One day I brought him a pink party dress and he got so excited his little bitty pee pee nearly popped out of his pink diaper. I slipped it over his head it looked so pretty on him. “Oh mommy I love it”,he said it is so pretty and I like to be pretty for you I do very much. I said “I know you and I have an idea for a game would u like that”?  “yes he said I would like it very much playing a game with you.” With that I brought my pantieboy from the other side of the house and sat him down in his pretty frilly pink panties. “Ok,sissy you need to get down there and be a good little sissy and take pantieboy’s big peepee and pop in your mouth. That is good make sure it is all in there. pantieboy was so turned on. I just knew these two would stay friends. Veronika
March 16, 2011

Forced Feminization | A sissy’s post

Today I have another guest blogger. A sissy who is taking another step in girl sissy boy training wanted to let me know (and everyone who reads this) how forced feminization has changed him. Today my newest adventure with Miss Scarlet began. I thought I would take some time to write about what forced feminization has felt like for me. I’ve always been the timid type of guy around girls and even around other men. Now I feel like I fall somewhere between man and woman though. I’m not quite a girl, physically and yet I’m not completely a male. I’m simply a sissy boy. Today Miss Scarlet informed me that I would be going to get waxed very soon. That sounded bad enough, then she told me the rest of that assignment. I would be purchasing a bikini and wearing it when I go so that they would know how much hair to remove. I’ve worn panties and bras before but never a woman’s swimsuit, much less a bikini. I’m excited though, to buy one and to wear it when I go to get my hair removed. I’ve been going through forced feminization in stages. When I first started calling Miss Scarlet it was an every once in awhile thing, the sissy play. As I heard her enjoy herself with me things began to change though. I craved being feminized more and more. I still couldn’t bring myself to do these things all on my own but with her guiding me I went from an every once in awhile sissy to the type of sissy boy who buys women’s swimsuits and goes to the salon to have their hair waxed off of their body. I don’t even feel like I sound like myself but as I type this my sissy peepee is stiff inside of my diapers and plastic panties. Thank you Sissy boy for your entry and letting me know how you feel about everything as it has progressed. You’re making excellent progress. Miss Scarlet 1-888-938-7382 $1.99 a min US & Canada, $2.50 to connect International Calls are $2.99 a min. International Callers use- 714-422-2402 Billed discreetly as Madison Enterprise
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