August 25, 2015

Mommy Susan’s baby poem

AdultBabies  everywhere over here and over there.  Little ones with great big grins, mommy kisses their tiny chins. Babies babies big and small, Mommy Susan loves them all. Itty bitty baby boys playing with their little toys. Hugging kissing all day long makes her babies nice and strong. Laughing happy baby boys making all their baby noise. Naughty babies are no fun, they get spankings on their bum. Naughty sissies please beware for there are outfits I will make you wear. Pink and frilly bows with lace, are things you will wear at my place. I’ll  take you out and make people stare, you will cry and they won’t care. I will make you dance and prance and sing, and you can’t do anything. But when were home and you are good, I will love you like an ABDL mommy should. With soft caresses kisses galore, mommy will give you so much more. Brand new diaper powdered bum, baby having so much fun. Now its time to go to sleep, a special baby for mommy to keep. Mommy Susan loves roleplaying and making her babies very happy.  Call me if you would like to make your ABDL dreams come true.   Call Mommy Susan 1-888-430-2010
March 16, 2011

Diaper Changes

Its hard sometimes to find a quiet place to change a baby’s diaper because as we all know they wiggle and squirm. Babies one thing about them are not still no matter what you try to entertain them with while you are attending to their needs. But one thing is for sure when you get them all cleaned and diapered up they are back to being that happy little baby. Lily
December 20, 2010

Bells Across the Snow

First pupil: Christmas, merry Christmas! Is it really come again? With its memories and greetings, With its joys and with its pain There’s a minor in the carol, And a shadow in the light, And a spray of cypress twining With the holly wreath tonight. And the hush is never broken By laughter, light and low, As we listen in the starlight To the “bells across the snow.” Second pupil: Christmas, merry Christmas! ‘Tis not so very long Since other voices blended With the carol and the song! If we could but hear them singing As they are singing now, If we could but see the radiance Of the crown on each dear brow; There would be no sigh to smother, No hidden tear to flow, As we listen in the starlight To the “bells across the snow.” Third pupil: O Christmas, merry Christmas! This never more can be; We cannot bring again the days Of our unshadowed glee. But Christmas, happy Christmas, Sweet herald of good will, With holy songs of glory, Brings holy gladness still. For peace and hope may brighten, And patient love may glow, As we listen in the starlight To the “bells across the snow.” —F.R. Havergal Lily
December 13, 2009

Christmas Time Fun!

Do you like to color? Mommy Sara still loves to color, I find it very relaxing. So Mommy has a chore for all her little ones this week. Mommy wants all her little ones to visit this site and print out a page and sit and color it! You can pick up some crayons at the dollar store, take a picture of the picture you color and email it to Mommy. For anyone who does this Mommy will reward you with a treat! Now hop to it babies be the first to get a Christmas Treat from Mommy Sara! Mommy Sara 1 888 430 2010
July 1, 2009

Water Play

It’s such a gorgeous day outside! I thought we could go outside and I would turn on the sprinkler to play in. We’ll get you down to just your diapy, and you and I can run and jump and play in the sprinkler as it moves from one side to the next – dancing together in the make shift rain as it falls gently around us. I so enjoy watching you have fun and laughing, and nothing is cuter then seeing a heavy diaper hang low on a baby’s tushie! Simply adorable! Won’t you call me so we can play?   Mommy Gina 1-888-430-2010
June 17, 2009

Why can’t you behave!

Why can’t you behave! Why must you always get into trouble! You wake up in the morning with your diaper soaking wet. You color on the walls. You take all the toilet paper off the roll and string it all over the house! Why must you be so bad? CousinJenna is going to teach you a lesson! Widdle bitty babby is going to stay in that wet diaper, wash the walls and re-roll the toilet paper. Then the bad baby is going to stand in the corner showing everyone his soaking wet diaper while my friends and I sit around and watch a movie and ignore the sissy baby! If you dare cry, I’ll give you a harsh spanking and you’ll really cry then! CousinJenna 1-888-430-2010
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