September 29, 2010

day with Mommy

October can be a busy month. In my abie’s family there are a few Birthdays to celebrate, we have Halloween, those are the main ones we celebrate. I found out that October is also National Go on a Field Trip month. What a fun month for trips. You don’t have to be a teacher or student to enjoy a field trip. I want you to think of all of the fun places close by your home that you may over look all of the time. Which ones would you like to visit? It’s also a good opener for a phone call with one of our Mommies. How about Mommy taking you to the zoo, the library, the park, or any other fun spot we come up with. Little trips away from home mean diaper bags and holding hands with Mommy to stay close little ones. See what you can come up with and call to see where our Mommies may want to talk you.   Mommy Scarlet
June 11, 2010

a diaper and a movie

There are so many new movies coming out to see this summer. From Marmaduke to Toy Story 3, The Karate Kid and even Ramona and Beezus. It just might be time to rethink dinner and a movie and make it diaper and a movie. That would be a more accurate description of a movie trip with Mommy. That way you don’t miss one moment of the movie that you can’t pause or rewind to catch back up on. Plus you won’t have to deal with public bathrooms, and that is always a plus. So what movies are you anxious to see? Mommy Scarlet
November 12, 2009

secrets stockings

  Christmas shopping can be such a pain if you wait too late, so I have gotten started pretty early. In fact I am almost done with my abie’s stocking stuffers. We have the gifts we give each other that are ok to open in front of family, and then we do naughty stockings for one another. I think abie and diaper lovers should treat themselves to a naughty stocking this year and every other year. Even if you know what is in it, saving it until Christmas Eve or whenever can make it fun.   Mommy Scarlet
February 19, 2009

How long?

How long do you have to stay in diapers you ask? Until Mommy is ready to let you out, that’s how long. It might be weeks, or months, and it might be a day. One thing is for sure though. The more you whine and ask? The more inclined I am to extend it. It was your naughty behavior and lack of effort that got you put back into them right? So why should you get out of them so very soon?  Sound familiar?   Mommy Scarlet
December 11, 2008

butterflies for sissies

A sissy I talk to had to make a butterfly mobile. It’s so cute; it looks like the little mobiles you’d make in an art class. He sent me some pictures of it. He made it, sent photos, and then some of it hanging over his little bed. Such a sweet sissy, and now she can look at the butterflies as she drifts off to dream land. Do any of you have mobiles? Or other pretty things to look at, at bedtime?   Mommy Scarlet  
December 4, 2008

Stopping time

    This is a funny picture I saw, but it made me think. If you could stop time would you? Life has it’s own pace, and plan right? So if you had the ability to mess with it for whatever reason would you? I personally think it is kind of nice to not have the stop time, reverse time, backspace option of life. Sure we could correct some mistakes, but we wouldn’t learn from them.   Scarlet   ABDL Phonesex
November 27, 2008

diapered and on the go

With so many people traveling I wonder if diaper lovers are wearing on the roads? It would sure make the trips faster, and for traffic, oh my goodness what a lifesaver. So who is wearing on the road this weekend everyone? Curious mommies want to know. I see so many times that being a diaper lover could be such an advantage, traveling and camping are my two big ones. Mommy Scarlet Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
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