October 18, 2012

pathetic sissy

I like to dress my  pathetic sissy in  princess pink and ,matching panties. Sometimes my sissy even likes to wear less some hooves & an apron do just nicely. My little sissy prances around in his dress and panties while I spank his little pantie clad butt. Dirty little pony    he really likes to dance like a sissy in front of a mirror would if he was at home all alone. Little does he know his vicious Mommy Mistress has a a few friends over that are watching him right now without him knowing just yet. I have a sheer curtain that my surprise humiliation group is looking through at the spectacle that is my dirty little pony.  As dances away & I spank his ass I pull the curtain then all my friends start to laugh and point yelling loudly how pathetic & silly he looks. My pony hangs his head in shame. I smile sadistically.   Vicious Mistress Humiliatrix all around Dominant
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