August 5, 2013

sissy training

Here you are now with your the powder pink overnight bag you are so ready for you sissy training with me! Yippeee you are so excited you can hardly stand still as I get my magic trunk of make up out for you too see the rainbow of color’s that I have all picked out for you and your transformation. You are just in awe of all my preparations I have sissy pink dress’s all in your size a selection of corset’s Bras and panties with ribbon’s and lace. You pick a set and we start to get you all dolled up after the clothe’s are just right now come’s the make up. Staying very still I slowly tell you just what to do with every stroke of your eye shadow applicator you get closer to being the sassy sissy girl that hide’s just beneath your 4 piece suit. Crissy 1*888*430*2010
July 1, 2013

ABDL Nursery Remodel

I had quite an eventful week! One of my favorite abies gave me the opportunity to redecorate her abie nursery! Before I started it was so drab and boring. But now it is all full of pink frills and delicate lace! I must say it is a perfect abie nursery for my sweet little sissie adult baby. First I started with brand new white carpeting with pink polka dots. Of course the walls had to match, so I used a shade of pink paint called “sissy pink”. When selecting furniture such as the new changing table, oversized rocking chair and full size abie crib, I picked out a set in white wash. Last but not least was curtains and lighting fixtures. I dont think I need to describe these, but I will. Pink with white lace! My sweet sissy abie was so excited with her brand new domain, she was unable to control herself and therefore I was there like the perfect little abie sitter to change her messy adult diaper! So if you or some one you know of is looking for a complete abdl nursery makeover, don’t hesitate! You know where I’ll be!! xoxo Best Abie-Sitter Mandy
April 29, 2013

sissy skirt play time with Crissy

Sissy skirt playtime with Crissy can be a whole lot of fun or you can get spankings if you decide to not follow my rules. I have a very naughty abdl friend Martin he got all dressed up for mommy then wet his diaper before I could even take a picture. He paid for his misbehaving when I took him over my knees skirts up and mommies red paddle out I gave him a good walloping that wet diaper smashed against his ass.I finally let him up and his little eyes were wet naughty thing! Martin had a very red bottom after that but then he followed all of my rules without fail. Crissy 1*888*430*2010
January 28, 2011

Sissy Pin Up

Isn’t this outfit so gorgeous? I want to put a sissy in something like this and take them for a photo shoot. Even better than that I would like to have twelve sissies to dress up like this and have them pose for Ms. Shirley’s Sissy Pin Up calendar. The we could have contests to see who was on each month. The best kisser for example might be on February for Valentine’s Day. The sissy who looked best in a swim suit would get June or August. The possibilities are endless. Since I can’t do all of that though I’ll settle for dress up with darling sissy boys. It pleases me to do that too. Mommy Shirley
November 12, 2010

Ruffles and bows

What is it that is so appealing about rhumba panties? They’re adorable and I love them. They make baby girls feel prettier than they already were and they can make a baby boy feel either humiliated or precious or a good mix of both. Is it the fact that they just scream baby girl when you see them? I’m not sure but they are one of my favorite things to put a sissy baby in and even an abie girl or diaper girl. I wish I could sew well and design bunches of beautiful panties for all of the sissy abies I know but I do have fun looking for the anyway.   Mommy Scarlet
August 22, 2010

Sissy Boy Jeans

There is a company in South Africa that makes Sissy Boy Jeans. I had a look at their site and some of the stuff are things I would wear. They have some pretty cool clothing. I just imagine all these South Africans walking around with Sissy Boy across their jean pocket. Now the clothing are for women, but I am sure there are a lot of men who buy the jeans from there. I think I might start directing some of my callers there to buy a pair and then send me pictures of them wearing the jeans. That would make for one great slide show. Mommy Liz 1-888-430-2010
August 13, 2010

Laughter: Mommy's Orders

Having a good laugh is more than just fun, it’s good for you. It helps with stress and pain. Your muscles can be relaxed up to 45 min.’s after a good laugh. It even boosts your immune system. I like sites like LOL Cats, There I Fixed It, and Daily HaHa when I need to have a laugh. So now that you know it’s good for you do as Mommy says and enjoy a laugh. Mommy Lexus
May 28, 2010

Getting cool

I want one of these sprinklers to play with my abies in. It’s getting warm, and here is a fun way to cool off. Can you picture Mommy rubbing sun block on you and then putting you into your little swimmy diaper so that we can play in the water? I can picture it. It’s warm outside and everyone is getting a little tired of playing blocks and dolls. It’s time to get out there and run under the sprinkler. It’s fun for babies of all ages, even the adult babies I love.   Mommy Scarlet
April 15, 2010

pantyhose are missing

Mommy goes through so many pairs of pantyhose and stockings. Do you know why? You do know why, because they keep ending up in your bedroom. I found your stash and am pretty upset because some of those I hardly got to wear before they made their way in here. Mommy is going to lock you in cloth diapers and plastic pants first, then I am going to keep you in a few pairs of pantyhose so you can get used to that feeling. I’m talking about one pair on top of the other, layering you in cloth diapers and then pantyhose. Maybe then you will get your fill of them. If not well you can go shopping with me to get some of your very own.   Mommy Scarlet
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