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August 2, 2013
New Playmates
August 8, 2013
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sissy training


Here you are now with your the powder pink overnight bag you are so ready for you sissy training
with me! Yippeee you are so excited you can hardly stand still as I get my magic trunk of make up
out for you too see the rainbow of color’s that I have all picked out for you and your transformation.

You are just in awe of all my preparations I have sissy pink dress’s all in your size a selection of corset’s
Bras and panties with ribbon’s and lace.
You pick a set and we start to get you all dolled up after the clothe’s are just right now come’s the make up.
Staying very still I slowly tell you just what to do with every stroke of your eye shadow applicator you
get closer to being the sassy sissy girl that hide’s just beneath your 4 piece suit.



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