May 15, 2011


Now hold real still, Okay? You don’t want to hurt yourself or do you? Most Mistress’s lead their subbies around with a neck collar, but not me, I think it is best to lead you around by your cock. It has proven to be a much more persuasive means of control. Even in public a leash shall be inserted from a patched-up hole I make in the back of your pants. It will resist your temptation to stray and remind you to remain obedient! Remember once I collar you – you will be forever My Possession! Lauren 1 888 430 2010
January 16, 2011

SciFi Fantasy

One of the most fascinating things about phone sex is that of the imagination. Going beyond the norms of reality and branching out into the unknown and sometimes the forbidden. Most people who know me know my interest with Aliens, UFOs and the supernatural. Often times such interest can splendidly intertwine into hot fucking sex! Imagine an alien species that come and take us over, horrid terrifying creatures that have an insatiable sexual drive. The creature corners me, towers over me, his foul breath searing down my neck as he slams me against the unpleasantly cold wall, ripping from me my garments shredding them with his massive claws tossing them aside, exposing me and my tight ass to do with as he wishes. The creature Whips out his enormous scaly solid cock to assault me with as I stand in horror trembling before him, as he holds me firmly in his clutch and begins to ram his organ deep inside me as I let out a bloodcurdling scream. His cock sliding in and out of me – tearing me – stretching me to fit him. His long lizard like tongue thrashes my face, his claws placed firmly against my hands restrains my movement. He has complete control – he ravishes me till I can no longer stand, in total exhaustion I collapse to my knees, he owns me now, his slave…… forever his. Sara 1 888 430 2010
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