January 21, 2009

My sweet pet "J"

My sweet pet “J” went above and beyond this week. I asked him for a photo of the cute Valentine’s Day socks he’d just bought to wear for me, the ones that are pink and white and red with little hearts and sparklies on them. I’m sure you’ve seen something like them. I only asked for a picture of the socks themselves. Well silly pet “J” didn’t listen yet again, and he actually sent me a picture of him wearing them! *giggles* What a silly pet. Almost got caught wearing them trying to take that picture. And all because he didn’t listen to my instructions. Are you like pet “J”? Do you love to wear girly socks and hose and panties? I’d love to hear all about them. By the way, yes he’ll be wearing them on Valentine’s Day. Be on the lookout, eh? *giggles* So for you my pet “J” here is a sweet picture of me, because I know you love my eyes as well as my feet. *giggles* CousinJenna 1 888 430-2010
July 8, 2008

Yeah baby we do!

I love all the abies that I babysit for, however the blond ones hold a special little spot in my heart. Just like me, they tend to be free with their thoughts and expressions. They know what they want, and often times know just how to get it to. Nothing like a blond haired blue eyed abie looking up at you after they’ve done something naughty with the “I didn’t do it!” look on their faces. Sometimes I can’t help but laugh along. I suppose I know that look so well because I have used it in the past! lol! I would love to have a chance to get to know all those blond abies out their better! CousinJenna 1 888 430-2010
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