December 9, 2013

breast feeding

Mommy has big breast’s and love’s to have you suckle my nipple’s. When my best adult baby bounce’s on lap cause he is so happy to be with me it bring’s a big smile to my face. Sweet ab you make my day all worth it even if your finger’s find a way to play in your diaper. naughty,naughty mommy will put you in a cloth diaper with a lock. You are gonna mess in that diaper I bet and you think I will just drop everything I need to do and change you? Better think again mommy will keep you in your soiled nappie as punishment. Crissy 1*888*430*2010
November 11, 2013

Pretty pink sissy

I have to be pretty in pink said the sissy. What do you think? Parading around in front of the mirror she look’s so so sooo precious. Like a princess from a fairy tale I say. Thank you mommy you are so sweet to my I am so lucky to have a great ab mommy to play with! Yes you are lucky little one I was meant to care for you and be a beautiful ab mommy. There now you are all ready to go on your adult baby playdate but you need to behave or I will spank your ass understand? Crissy 1*888*430*2010
May 10, 2012

Adult Baby Mothers Day

What a special time of year Mother’s Day is. To be able to take time out of our busy schedules to honor and show our Mothers our appreciation. Mothers are our friends, our protectors, our teachers, they lift us up when we are feeling down, they nurture us when we are sick, they motivate us when we have lost hope, they cheer us on and route for us. Mothers are so many things to us all rolled into one. I wish all the wonderful women of the world and at Phone a Mommy, A Happy Mothers Day and I look forward to the coming weekend when I too can honor my Best Friend of all My Mother! Happy Mothers Day Mommy Rebecca
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