June 28, 2011

Poopy Pants gets Busted!

Now I hope you learned your lesson little man! Mommy has warned you to always be sure to have on clean underwear. But this time you really did it! Busted by the police in your poopy pants. Now you’re bound and calling Mommy to get you out of trouble once again. Mommy’s has to change you right here in front of the officers and all the neighbors, keeping you in the handcuffs the officers put on you as you kick and scream. Mommy has to keep you in diapers for now on and no leaving the house without Mommy checking them first! Do you understand? Answer Me! Well Do You? Mommy Rebecca 1 888 430 2010
June 28, 2010

Buttercups and Daisies

Buttercups and daisies- Oh the pretty flowers, Coming ere the springtime To tell of sunny hours. While the trees are leafless, While the fields are bare, Buttercups and daisies Spring up here and there. Ere the snowdrop peepeth, Ere the croscus bold, Ere the early primrose Opes its paly gold, Somewhere on a sunny bank Buttercups are bright; Somewhere ‘mong the frozen grass Peeps the daisy white. Little hardy flowers Like to children poor, Playing in their sturdy health By their mother’s door: Purple with the north wind, Yet alert and bold; Fearing not and caring not, Though they be a-cold. What to them is weather! What are stormy showers! Buttercups and daisies Are these human flowers! He who gave them hardship And a life of care, Gave them likewise hardy strength, And patient hearts, to bear. Welcome yellow buttercups, Welcome daisies white, Ye are in my spirit Visioned, a delight! Coming ere the springtime Of sunny hours to tell- Speaking to our hearts of Him Who doeth all things well.
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