July 8, 2013

Cali Kitty Toots!

I learned a funny trick this week! It’s really silly hehe… and just a tiny bit naughty… but it’s just soooo funny!! I can’t believe I just learned about it. I was having my *special* Cali playtime with a toy Daddy got me as a end of the school year present and I guess I must have gotten a little carried away hehe. See, I was uhh… ya know, like moving it in and out, hehehe… and I started to go real fast ‘cause it was feeling so good, and then my kitty made the funniest noise!! It sounded almost like a toot, but it didn’t come from my bottom! After I stopped giggling I started playing with my toy again and I heard the sound again!! I realized when I pushed my toy in really fast it pushed air in my kitty and made a tooting sound! I showed Daddy my new trick but he just shook his head and laughed at me. I don’t care though, I still think kitty toots are funny hehehe!! kissies, Cali 888-430-2010
June 16, 2012

Diaper Masturbation

Come curl up with Mommy Sara my lil man, Mommy knows that you have a wittle stiffies down in that diaper. Mommy is going to help you with some Diaper Masturbation. Yes, Mommy knows that to be a healthy lil guy you need to relieve some stress and Mommy knows that masturbation is very healthy for her lil one. Dont be shy about that lil hard on, it is perfectly natural for a wittle one to get excited! It will feel so good to have Mommy rub the front of that diaper and play with you. Now cum on let Mommy Sara make you feel all better with some Diaper Masturbation time. Mommy Sara 1_888_430_2010 YIM phonemommysara
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