November 30, 2012

Candy Lover

Are you a candy lover i just bet you are i found the best place to get that candy lovers fix.Maybe i just might share my chocolate candy with you.That’s if you are a really good boi i heard from a reliable source that you are a big fan of chocolate. Chocolate taste so good it slides down that throat of yours hitting all the right spots as it slides down.Want to taste my candy i can see it in your eyes,drooling at the mouth but i am not sure you deserve to get a nice taste of this chocolate.Makes sexual fetishes all that much more tasty does it not Minnie 1.888.430.2010
September 19, 2009

You're Not a Boy!

Now come here Michelle and come with your mother. Mommies tired of you dressing like a boy and take that stinky old sock out of your pants!Mommy went shopping today and bought you all new clothes for the new school yesr. Dont you argue with me I want those scuffy old jeans and dirty t-shirt off you. I have the sweeties new training bra with matching panties, pretty little pink and blue skirt with a top to match and sandles! You will look so pretty tonight at opne house. The boys are gona love you! Let Mommy teach you how to behave around those little boys, my little lady. Ahhh, you look so sweet my little doll. Now come sit with your mother and I will explain what happens when you are all alone with the boys on the play ground! Dont worry I will teach you everything you need to know dear! Sara 1 888 430 2010
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