October 10, 2012

yay! for diapered bottoms

Yay! for diapered bottoms I love the way it sounds when thoes bottoms are crinkling across the room & jumping into my arms for some mommy cuddle timeoh you feel so warm and fuzzy when your cuddled up with me in that big comfy blankie we wrap around each other to watch all thoes cool disney movies together on a Sunday morning. That diapered bottom is looking a bit heavy to me do you need me to lay you out the changing table and clean your messy all up and make it better? I love it when you look up at me with them big blue eyes while I got your little ankles in the air wiping your bum with ab wipes. A fresh new comfy diaper with powder inside will make you feel like a little superhero. I hold my sweet little one close and with a baba you fall asleep lulled night-night by me singing. Yay! for cute diapered bottoms. Kisses Miss Crissy 1*888*430*2010
February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day from Mommy

I hope that each and every one of you has a nice valentines Day. If you’re like me and not a huge Hearts day fan then it’s not that big of a day, but I hope it’s a good one whether you’re all for it or over it. Consider yourselves hugged and kissed from me to you. In other news it’s going to be a good valentines day for one of my sissies. I’ve been working with him and trying to help him get over his fears of being diapered and changed by a Daddy. Well he did some work on his own and has a date for Valentines day with a Mommy and Daddy couple close to where he lives. I couldn’t be more proud of the sweet sissy. Mommy Shirley
January 12, 2011

so cold

It is so very cold outside little babies. Do you know where Mommy has been hiding out? I've been wrapped up in my blankets in front of the heat. Yesterday I even decided it was time to get diapered. It's a feeling I haven't enjoyed much recently but I put one on yesterday. The ground was covered in a blanket of snow and I was covered in a disposable diaper and a thick warm blanket. I have to say, life was good. Mommy Shirley
September 8, 2010

Baby Powder

Do you agree with the statement about Baby Powder? I know I do. It’s a wonderful smell that triggers some intense feelings for me and for other Mommies and Babies I know. It also has lots of uses besides powdering a bottom. It helps get sand off of you and it’s good for preventing sweat stains in white clothes. My favorite use is for a diaper change though. When an adult baby looks up and smiles because he smells what Mommy smells it melts my heart. Mommy Shirley
September 3, 2010

2 Mommies 1 Baby

  What do you get with two Mommies? Well two voices in your ear obviously. You get four hands to change your diaper, two mommies to spank you (or one to hold you down while one spanks you). With two mommies you get two loving but strict caretakers tending to you. From Sept.3-10 you can have Mommy Ava and I taking care of you for the price of 1 and a half mommies. Just ask for the 2 for 1.5 special when you call 1-888-430-2010.   Mommy Scarlet
April 9, 2010

abie pictures

  It always makes my day when I get to see pictures of the abies and diaper lovers who talk to me. It’s good to have an image to put to the voice. If you want to keep it private between you and I then I never show anyone the picture you share. If you like to show off and approve it I may use it on one of my blogs. It’s all up to you. So the next time you want to show Mommy a picture of your pretty dress or your sweet little boy pajamas know I would love to see you. You all are very sweet and special ( well except maybe the very naughty ones, but they are naughty and special) and it helps me to know you a little bit better. Mommy Scarlet
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