May 31, 2013

My Beautiful Darling

Mommy just LOVES how darling you look in your new dress! I just know that if we had a PhoneAMommy Sissy Beauty Pageant, you’d win for sure! Look how pretty your wavy hair slides over the fabric of your darling blue dress! I could just scoop you up and kiss you all over, my delicious little sissy! I love how big the ruffles make your diaper look, and how chubby your little legs are. I could just eat you up, cupcake! Would you like to go to town with Mommy? I think a walk down Main Street is just the thing for a beautiful sissy like you. I want everyone we know to see you in your frilly blue glory! Just imagine how green with envy the other Mommy’s and Daddy’s will be when they see what a gorgeous sissy I’m leading around. Ha! I’m such a very lucky Mommy to have a sissy like you to play dress up with 🙂 Now, grab your little purse and let’s go show you off! Mommy Sara 1-888-430-2010
January 29, 2011

Diaper Mask

I love seeing little ones with their bottoms all diapered cozy and snug, but what does mommy do to make you laugh? Does she make you wear the Diaper Mask? Hehe. The Diaper Mask, I made you do the Mask, the Diaper Mask, it was a Smash, a Messy Mask, you did the Mask, it was a Funny Task, you did the Mask, the Diaper Mask! Hehehehe! Sara 1 888 430 2010 Now if someone could please send in a picture to go along with my blog I would be mighty thankful 😉
October 30, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat Smell my feet Give me something Good to eat! My favorite part of this holiday besides the treats and the dress up are all the tricks. What tricks might you play on your Mommy Sara? Might you have a stinky diaper that you deny? Might you trick Mommy into believing you’re not my baby by dressing up? Will you trick me into smelling those little feet? Maybe you will trick me into thinking you had less treats then you actually had? Whatever the trick Mommy Sara is getting prepared. I know you’ll be being your goofy little baby self ready to have lots of fun! Whatever you’re favorite trick or treat is, Mommy Sara wishes you a fun day!! Sara 1 888 430 2010
September 19, 2010

Mommy Gets Kidnapped

Two lonely little ABDL’s were sitting around discussing their need for a mommy. They had searched for some time to no avail, when the first little ABDL very enthusiastically comes up with a grand scheme. He suggests that they wait outside the Baby store with a blind fold and some rope and kidnap a mommy. The second ABDL is delighted with this idea and decides to go along with it. So first thing Saturday morning they both pack up and head our early am to the baby store and sit patiently outside as they watch the mommies walk into the store. Meanwhile debating which mommy they wanted. There she was, the Perfect Mommy, they found her, they knew it immediately. Okay, so now they had to put their plan into action. They hid next to the car and awaited her return. “Here she comes! Here she comes!” exclaimed the first ABDL. They took their positions and as soon as she opened the car door, they made their move. Placing a blind fold over her head and tying her hands behind her back they shoved her into the back seat and drove the car away, speeding anxiously to their home. They brought their new Mommy inside. They sat her down in the living room on the sofa that was next to the playpen. The second ABDL took off the blind fold. She continued to struggle a bit and looked at the two ABDL’s very carefully as they sat excitedly in front of her. “Why have you brought me here? And who are you?” she asked sternly. The first ABDL jumping in his seat “said why we are ABDL’s and you are here because we needed a Mommy!” “You are what?” she replied. “You know, Adult Babies and we picked you for our Mommy, Isn’t that just wonderful!” the second ABDL screamed out. “We are good little boys, I promise Mommy” he put his head down, “well most of the time, but that’s why we need a Mommy and you are the perfect Mommy! We are so happy to have you!” She shakes her head and replies “well taking me hostage as you both did is very naughty, very naughty indeed!” Both the ABDL’s puts their heads down in shame and peered up with longing and tear filled eyes and unanimously “we are sorry Mommy, please forgive us, we promise to be good for you.” The Mommy couldn’t help but feel compelled by the looks in their eyes and their quivering voices, “Okay boys, first you must un-tie me, I cannot be your Mommy properly if I am tied up, so un-tie me NOW!” The boys looked at one another, they knew they needed to un-tie her, but if they did would she stay? They sat pondering over the predicament they were in. What do you think happens? Did she stay? Do you suppose they both received spankings? You can kidnap your own Mommy, Pick your perfect Mommy and call her to play out the rest of the story! Mommy Sara 1 888 430 2010
August 20, 2010


I have had the bad fortune of having to visit the dentist. And all I can say is Owieeeee! Dentist visits are no fun. It made me think of my little abies and when they have toothaches. How miserable they feel and how they suffer. Poor little ones up crying all night and not much to soothe the pain. There are lots of home remedies that Mothers use that help to ease the pain. So be sure to take care of those pearly whites! Listen to your MOM! Sara 1 888 430 2010
July 25, 2010

Jump on in

Doesnt this look inviting! Oh I want to see this sight every morning from my bedroom. I know how hot everyone is this summer and how uncomfy those diapers can be during this heat. So I say we all need to take a good skinny dip! Perhaps we can all raid Suzies house and have that pool party we always talk of! When I get hot there is nothing else i invision but a diamond sparkling water in a large pool ready for me to dive right in! Mommy Sara 1 888 430 2010
July 10, 2010

My Nursery

Look at these plush toys are they not just the cutiest thing you have ever seen? I think preparing for a newborn has to be almost as sweet as bringing them home. Afterall, a lot of time, consideration goes into all the preparing. The color choice, the furniture, how to decorate the walls, babies first toys which in my nursery would include these cutie pies, soft little cuddle bugs! Everything soft, bright and cheerful. I envision my nursery with a murrel of a rainbow, a jade colored pasture blooming wild flowers, bunnies, birds, squirrels playing under the babyblue sky. Mommy Sara 1 888 430 2010
June 27, 2010

A few Ways to Stay Cool this Summer.

1. Dress lightly, wear lightly wetted t-shirts, wear light colored clothing as it reflects the heat or go naked 2. Use a cool wash cloth and wear it on the back of your neck 3. Play in the sprinkler then cool off in the shade 4. Eat lots of Ice Pops 5. Drink plenty of fluids (preferably low in sugar or water) and don’t drink it ice cold unless you want a brain freeze 6. Eat cool foods, like lots of watermelon or eat chicken salad in a melon 7. Keep a spray bottle close filled with water to mist off with or even the ones with a built in fan 8. Take a Hot Shower, sleep in silk or nylon sheets 9. Rub down with mint or peppermint lotions 10. Keep electrical devices off or to a minimum Mommy Sara 1 888 430 2010
April 2, 2010

New Easter Dress

Now won’t my baby girl look so precious in your new Easter Dress! I love to go shopping for Spring clothes. All the frilly dresses and bonnets, all the accessories, gloves, shoes, beads, and all the panties and training bras *giggles*. I look forward to getting my little girl all diapered and dolled up! Oh what fun Easter is! Mommy Sara 1 888 430 2010
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