Diaper Humiliation
May 30, 2013
Out of Control ABie
May 31, 2013
Mommy's Pretty Angel!

Mommy’s Pretty Angel!

Mommy just LOVES how darling you look in your new dress! I just know that if we had a PhoneAMommy Sissy Beauty Pageant, you’d win for sure!

Look how pretty your wavy hair slides over the fabric of your darling blue dress! I could just scoop you up and kiss you all over, my delicious little sissy! I love how big the ruffles make your diaper look, and how chubby your little legs are. I could just eat you up, cupcake!

Would you like to go to town with Mommy? I think a walk down Main Street is just the thing for a beautiful sissy like you. I want everyone we know to see you in your frilly blue glory! Just imagine how green with envy the other Mommy’s and Daddy’s will be when they see what a gorgeous sissy I’m leading around. Ha!

I’m such a very lucky Mommy to have a sissy like you to play dress up with 🙂 Now, grab your little purse and let’s go show you off!

Mommy Sara

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