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May 31, 2013
Shopping for a sissy baby is hard work
June 3, 2013

mommy scarlets punishment stool

I had a very naughty abie to tend to today. Oh my goodness. He was left with a sitter and decided to be as mischievous as possible. I told him that IF he could be good for he would get a story at the end of the night. Miss Samantha even brought over his favorite book from her house. Did he behave? No.

Then after a fit, and one problem after another he had the nerve to demand a story – silly, silly belligerent ABie. He has never treated her that way before. I think he was just itching to see what Mommy would do to him. Miss Samantha called me.

I got him on the phone and said, “I will call when I am nearly home. When that happens I expect you to be in the corner, where I am sending you now.”

So I got home, put up my things, and called for him. I got my hairbrush and tore that sassy bottom all up. Miss Samantha was shocked to see him spanked to tears. I think she felt a little bad for the stinker. I was so embarrassed though, at how he acted.

I had him sit on that special punishment stool. The one with prickles for spanked bums. He had to sit there and write an apology to Miss Samantha and then a write off for Mommy (he had to write lines for a quite some time).

Once all was done, I hugged him, talked to him, and he went to bed. I know today at work though he is well reminded of what Mommy will do to him.


 Mommy Scarlet


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