September 9, 2013

Lacy Cake

Better than SEX Cake! Yummy, gooey, sticky, cake!! Better than everything else in the whole world hehehe! And guaranteed to have me bouncing off the walls for hours *giggles*! 1 box devils food cake 1 – 14oz can sweetened condensed milk 1 – 12oz caramel ice cream topping 8oz Cool Whip 1 c. Heath toffee bits Bake the cake following the directions on the box. As soon as you take it out of the oven poke holes all over the top using the end of a wooden spoon (the stick end not the spoon end hehehe). Stir together the condensed milk and caramel sauce and then drizzle it allllll over the cake. After the cake cools to room temperature, refrigerate for one hour. Once the cake is out of the fridge, spread the Cool Whip on top and then cover with Heath bits! Refrigerate for another hour, and then eat it ALL up!!! Love, Lacy 888-430-2010
December 4, 2010


This has got to be my all time favorite lullaby!  If you get a chance, you should really check it out! (here’s the link to it on YouTube – ) Dreamland (by Mary Chapin Carpenter) Sun goes down and says goodnight Pull your covers up real tight By your bed we’ll leave a light To guide you off to dreamland   Your pillows soft your bed is warm Your eyes are tired when day is done One more kiss and you’ll be gone On your way to dreamland   Every sleepy boy and girl In every bed around the world Can hear the stars up in the sky Whispering a lullaby   Who knows where you’ll fly away Winging passed the light of day The man in the moon and the milky way Welcome you to dreamland   Every sleepy boy and girl In every bed around the world Can hear the stars up in the sky Whispering a lullaby   Who knows where you’ll fly away Winging passed the light of day The man in the moon and the milky way Welcome you to dreamland   Hope you enjoyed it as much as I do!       Mommy Maggie 1*888*430*2010
October 23, 2010

Rocking Horse

Where shall we ride off to today? Perhaps to the plains of the wide, wide west, driving a herd to auction? Maybe to Arabia and its hot desert sands, with your horse as your only companion? You could be the star of a rodeo show, roping calves and riding the bronco. But where ever you choose to ride off today, Mommy’s love will always be with you! Mommy Maggy 1*888*430*2010
July 8, 2009

Time to play!

Wouldn't you love to know too? Let me babysit you tonight so you can find out! Cousin Jenna 1-888-430-2010
May 6, 2009

Ruffles and Lace

Awww, just look at the pretty panties I got! All Frilly with ruffles and lace. Wouldn’t you like to try them on? They will look so sweet on you, and go perfectly with that pretty baby-doll dress. Why don’t you twirl around for mommy and show me that cute lil’ tushie darned with those cute rosebuds! Such a pretty sissy!   Mommy Gina 1-888-430-2010
March 25, 2009

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring! I just love spring flowers don’t you? Daffodils, tulips, peonies, and all the trees in bloom! Who can resist sitting under a sweet cherry tree having a picnic in our diapers? Wouldn’t that be so wonderful? Having a nice light lunch of fresh fruit, raw veggies and dip and perhaps a sandwich? We could feed each other and then afterwards we could change each other, all while outside in the fresh spring air. Oh a picnic with you this Spring would be so much fun! *kisses* CousinJenna 1 888 430-2010
February 5, 2009

Your Secret

Wouldn't it be great to have one and be put into diapers, making you stay in them until you made a huge poopy mess?
January 21, 2009

My sweet pet "J"

My sweet pet “J” went above and beyond this week. I asked him for a photo of the cute Valentine’s Day socks he’d just bought to wear for me, the ones that are pink and white and red with little hearts and sparklies on them. I’m sure you’ve seen something like them. I only asked for a picture of the socks themselves. Well silly pet “J” didn’t listen yet again, and he actually sent me a picture of him wearing them! *giggles* What a silly pet. Almost got caught wearing them trying to take that picture. And all because he didn’t listen to my instructions. Are you like pet “J”? Do you love to wear girly socks and hose and panties? I’d love to hear all about them. By the way, yes he’ll be wearing them on Valentine’s Day. Be on the lookout, eh? *giggles* So for you my pet “J” here is a sweet picture of me, because I know you love my eyes as well as my feet. *giggles* CousinJenna 1 888 430-2010
December 17, 2008

Merry Kiss Moose!

Who will you be standing under the mistletoe with this holiday season? And what type of diapers will you be wearing? I hope you catch that special cutie and give them a nice, long, long, sweet kiss! Of course, who’s to say you can’t start a new tradition this year? Get caught under the mistletoe and it’s time to check your diaper to see how wet and messy it is! *giggles* Then we can sit down and watch some holiday movies while we snuggle on the couch… CousinJenna 1 888 430-2010
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