December 9, 2013

breast feeding

Mommy has big breast’s and love’s to have you suckle my nipple’s. When my best adult baby bounce’s on lap cause he is so happy to be with me it bring’s a big smile to my face. Sweet ab you make my day all worth it even if your finger’s find a way to play in your diaper. naughty,naughty mommy will put you in a cloth diaper with a lock. You are gonna mess in that diaper I bet and you think I will just drop everything I need to do and change you? Better think again mommy will keep you in your soiled nappie as punishment. Crissy 1*888*430*2010
January 5, 2013

Lap Time

Come on you know its lap time i see you looking so sad and lonely crawling across that floor on those knees and hands.I know how much you love cuddling in my lap and me rocking you to sleep or just humming just a odd tune or two.So come on baby i know its that cuddle fetish is working over time tonight Minnie will change that wet diaper and put you in a nice dry one and cuddle you really close to me.That’s it pick up time for you lol you know how good this rocking chair feels don’t you. Minnie 1.888.430.2010
August 5, 2010

The Forgotten Mother

A gray old woman sits all alone Unloved, uncherished and unknown. Sitting beside her broken door. Dreaming of days past long ago, When children played about her knee Filling the air with childish glee, Tended by her with loving care. Knowing the blessing of a Mother’s prayer. But now they have gone, each to his life A girl to her husband, a boy to his wife, Forgetful are they of her who sits here Silently wiping a tricking tear, For striving for things in a life so brief Blind their poor eyes to a dear Mother’s grief. But does she upbraid them in word or in mind. Nor does their neglect to her seem unkind. She’ll forgive and forget all unkindness they’ve shown This poor old mother who sits alone. RUBY LATIMER EDWARDS Silvie
May 8, 2010

A Rose

The first red rose Sent out of season The second red rose Sent for no reason The third red rose Sent for happiness and health The fourth red rose Sent for gaining life’s wealth The fifth red rose Sent for gaining new friends The sixth red rose Sent for guiding you through life’s bends The seventh red rose Sent for praying you never tire The eighth red rose Sent for giving you all of your desire’s The ninth red rose Sent for your happiness in love The tenth red rose Sent for hoping I’m your turtledove The eleventh red rose Sent for igniting passion and fire The twelve red rose Sent for hoping I’m your desire Barry A. Lanier
September 12, 2009

Diaper Duty

Okay I’m ready. Got the diapers, the powder, the wipes, the bottle, the formula, the lotion, the onesie, the blanket, and the paci. I’m all ready for you. I have everything I need for an evening of babysitting you. But do you know what I’m missing? I’m missing you sweetie. Stacie 1-888-430-2010
April 4, 2009

~*~Pick Your Poison~*~

Do you remember in the old days, when you would have to go out back and pick out a switch to be used on you when you were naughty? Well, Mommy Gina still believes in that. But instead of a switch, you will have to pick the instrument that will be used to punish you. I have a wide assortment for all you naughty little ones to choose from. Now Mommy Gina doesn’t want to spank you, but you must learn to behave and do as you’re told! So call me, tell me all those naughty little things that you have done, then pick your poison! Mommy Gina 1-888-430-2010
February 25, 2009


Do you have your protection? Are you all diapered up and ready for some fun? I love to get diapered up, and snuggle on the couch and watch scary movies just to see how often I can pee my diaper when I get scared. I sit there and hope it doesn’t leak before the movie is over with. Scary movies and stories make me jump and pee my diaper a lot! Do they do that to you as well? Would you like to see whose diaper fills up faster? *giggles* CousinJenna 1 888 430-2010
February 23, 2009


Mommy Sara is wanting to play with all her babies. Mommy loves to breastfeed her abies and force them to wear diapers! Mommy can help you with that little stiff pee pee, Mommy promises to take special care of her lil ones. But if your naughty watch out because Mommy Sara will gladly take you over her knee! Mommy Sara 1888-430-2010
January 25, 2009

ABDL Friendship

Crazy thing happened the other day, my little abie was at work and a young new employee slipped up and told him that she was into the ab dl lifestyle. He told me that his mouth dropped to the floor *giggles* She was cute as a button he told me and has asked her to meet him for coffee next weekend. I am very excited for him. He has been waiting a very long time to meet another abdl in real life! Good luck to you my abie! I can not wait to hear how Juicy (wets) the conversation goes. Mommy Sara 1-888-430-2010
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