December 6, 2015

MILF sex

  “Oh you fuck me so good.” Jamming that large dick; into my hot pussy. Oh these young men, who could ask for more? “Fuck yeah give it to me.” They can go forever and with a few words you can command them to do whatever your desire may be that day. Mommy is feeling very nasty and naughty and wants all her favorite men. With some discipline and instruction they will be fantastic lovers for the rest of their lives. But I get to have them all first. I get to milk those juicy young cocks of all that sticky hot cum and take their virginity with it. “Yes now go down and lick up all the mess from my cunt.” Lap it all up like the good young man that you are. I will even cum some more all over your face while you do your duty.      Call Tawny for MILF sex (888) 938-7382
November 1, 2015

Your Phone Fetish

      I am ready for any kind of fetish or fantasy you have in mind. I am such a horny MILF, I can never get enough, and I will do anything or anyone just to get off. Between you and me a lot of the time the nastier the better I like it, Say for instance you want me to be your mommy, my voice will be leading us into your fetish, my fingers would start to gently pinch my nipples through the lacey fabric of my short baby doll gown, my pussy would start to drip and ache for attention. I would love to be the one you lose your virginity too, I tell you. Mommy will teach you, like I have been since the day you were born. Mommy will teach you how to touch her breasts and gently suck the nipples, like you did, when I would feed you as a baby. All the while you are listening to me, with your eyes closed, imagination in control now. On the other end of the phone I am getting into the scene I lay out for you as well. Call mommy Tawny and we will continue the fetish however you would like. I can’t wait. Tawny (888)430-2010
August 22, 2015