In addition to being in a standing position, the pink-gown toy is dressed in panties.
Either your a sissy or your not
July 27, 2015
In this picture, there is a t-shirt with the words "little cocks make me laugh" printed on it. The t-shirt is purple.
Small Dick Humiliation – My Specialty
August 3, 2015
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Mommy for Diaper Girl

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I have so many wonderful sissy boys in my nursery and I just love getting to play with them. I think it would be fun to have some time playing with a sweet diaper girl. She can join us while we play dress up and with all the toys I have for us. I can buy new outfits for my adult babies, the pair of them will look so pretty in their dresses and adult baby diapers! I would hold them to my chest and have them each latch onto one of my big tits so that they can adult breastfeed until they are full. Snuggles together will never be so much fun as they would be with a diaper girl to join us. When my babies made a mess in their diaper, I’d take my time wiping them down and powdering them so that they were nice and soft and clean. I’d love to rock my baby girl to sleep while I hold her and kiss her softly and gently.

Hope I find my diaper girl soon!



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