September 12, 2013

ABDL Butterfly

Within the outside world that you navigate through, you are a responsible person, filling your day with work and duties and time sensitive tasks.  You drudge through all of them, without complaint, knowing that they are required to sustain your way of life.  Others depend on you, so you rise to the occasion without question.  This is your vanilla world – the one that is presented to the outside world encased in a pristine little box wrapped up in a bow, nice and neat.  Your persona in that outside world is also wrapped up in a facade – it is you but not the true you that is yearning to get out; it is the caterpillar, yearning for its metamorphosis.   Your home transforms into your cocoon of sorts – a place that surrounds you in safety and security, that nurtures your inner self, allowing it to slowly blossom.    You settle into your transformation: slipping into a soft, thick diaper; popping your binky into your mouth as you start to suckle methodically; darning yourself in your baby attire, be it a comforting onsie, or a pretty little pink dress.  You look down at yourself, and like a butterfly, you emerge from your cocoon, your true self realized, complete.   Enjoy your transformation my ABDL butterfly.     Mommy Lexus 1.888.430.2010
February 10, 2013

Diapered Husband

Your wife called me today. And yes YOU know who YOU are. lol She was pretty hot with you. I bet at this very moment she has you over her knee and is reddening that little tush,LOL! She warned me that you will be calling me later tonight for some AB sitter punishment after she is done with you. You are also to confess and to tell me what punishment she doled out so that I can come up with something suitable to go along with it. So apparently you talked your wife into letting you out of your diaper for a night. You begged and pleaded. Whined and moaned. Until finally she gave in. You almost convinced her you are a man who deserves to wear pants. LOL Well at least right up until the part where you peed on her in the middle of the night. IDK what you were thinking really. Did you actually believe you could pull that off? You know you are NEVER getting out of diapers now right? Of course you will be telling me all about it in a couple hours won’t you? ~Mommy Josie 888~430~2010
January 27, 2013

Mommy is just not going to have this silly nonsense anymore. Little AB boys DO NOT put their hands in their diapers. And they DO NOT look at naughty pics on the computer when Mommy or the AB sitter are not looking. Mommy has had quite enough. It is time for drastic measures. I have a few ideas in mind to punish you and deter you from sneaking a wank in your wet diaper. Yes, that means diaper chastity. Locking diapers and chastity devices will need to be employed for an undetermined amount of time. As for punishments, well you will need to call Mommy so she can let you know what you need to do to rectify the situation. You have amends to make to Mommy for being a very naughty AB boy. So get to that phone soon.   Mommy Josie 1~888~430~2010
January 13, 2013

Real men don’t wet their pants

Looks like somebody really needs a diaper.  There is no use denying it. You can whine and cry, which actually just reiterates the fact that you are indeed more baby than man. Your wife, now needs to become your mommy. And you will be banished to a crib and will no longer be sleeping in your mommy’s bed.  And best part of all. I am going to get a pretty little adult baby sitter, like Samantha, to come tease you about being a grown man in diapers. How does that sound? Not very good? Well too late now. You have already proven your no real man. And I bet if we pull open that diaper and take a peek inside, well, lets just say it will only prove my point once again. lol Mommy Josie 888~430~2010
April 5, 2012

Respect your AB Mommy

Don’t Mess with the Ma’am     Ok, I admit it; I like it when little ones (and older ones for that matter) address me with the title Ma’am.  I know some ladies and AB Mommies don’t like it, that it makes them feel like an old lady and they should have names like Agnes or Gertrude or Ester, but I see it as the ultimate show of respect.  Just think for a moment, have you ever tried to question someone when you addressed them as Ma’am?  It just doesn’t work, does it?   You simply don’t question someone who has earned the title of Ma’am.     There is a strength that is implied as well when I am addressed as Ma’am; that I am, without question, the Matriarch and that I have the last word on all matters.  And I am usually looking for short responses to my inquiries –     “Don’t you think you should be getting to that list of chores I made for you?” “Yes Ma’am, right away Ma’am.”     “Did I say that eating your vegetables was optional?” “No Ma’am.”     “Didn’t I just say it was bedtime and to turn off the game?” “Yes Ma’am.” “Did I ask to hear you whine and complain about not wanting to go to bed?” “No Ma’am.” “Are you looking for a spanking?” “No Ma’am.” “Then off you go.” “Yes Ma’am.”     See what I mean?  There is no wiggle room when you are dealing with a “Ma’am”.   Simply put – You don’t mess with the Ma’am.     Gina 1.888.430.2010
November 15, 2011

I Have Just What You Need

  Awww, my little man keeps squirming and holding his hand down below his belly, like he’s so very uncomfortable down there.  I know what you need – a nice, warm enema to get things moving the way they should and make everything right as rain again!  Now now, stop your fussing, mommy knows what’s best for you.  You’ll feel so much better when that warm water starts flowing deep inside you! And don’t you be worried or embarrassed about that little “swelling” you get between your legs every time you get an enema.  It’s a perfectly normal reaction that young men get when they receive an enema.  But don’t worry; mommy knows how to take care of that too!  Now assume the position – on your belly with your knees under you, that’s it, now raise those hips of yours and spread your knees apart….   AB Mommy Gina 1*888*430*2010
November 3, 2011

Nap Time

  I always like to have a ritual when it comes to nap time.  A fresh diaper is always first, as I softly talk to you.  Next we gather your favorite stuffed animal, you blankie, and a fresh baba.  Then I gently put you in your crib and pull out Goodnight Moon to read to you.  And if you are a good abie, I will gently pat your thickly padded tushie until you drift off to dreamland.  See, nap time isn’t a bad time after all, is it?   Your AB Mommy Maggie 1*888*430*2010  
September 22, 2011

A Day with AB Mommy Maggy

What would a day with mommy be like? Well, it would start with a feeding at my bosom, being cuddled close as we rocked together in my favorite glider.  When your tummy was full with mommy’s sweet milk, then it’s a trip to the changing table to get the night’s diaper off and undressed for your bath.  Afterwards, you would be wrapped in a thick, fluffy towel fresh out of the dryer, powdered from head to toe, and placed in a fresh diaper.   The day would be filled with playtime, plenty of sunshine and fresh air, diaper changes and feedings, and a nap to keep the “crankies” away, with lots of hugs and kisses sprinkled throughout the day.  And at the end of the day, when your eyes fell heavy with sleep, I would put you in a clean sleeper, one last feeding at mommy’s breast, and a story to lull you off to dream land.   That is what an ABie could expect from a day with this AB Mommy.     Mommy Maggy 1*888*430*2010
September 8, 2011

ab mommy bathtime fun

Now that your sexy Mommy has gotten all soapy and cleaned up it’s time for something else. It’s time for her adult baby’s bath now. Let me gather up your bubbly baby bath, rubber ducky, wash cloth, towel and toys so that my ab boy can get clean after his long day. Then it will be time for a diaper and a bedtime story and maybe even a lullaby from Mommy to her ab. Mommy Lizabeth
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